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I moved the cpm run II to my root-server. Since my box is really low on memory i had to sacrifice one of the freestyle servers. So i merged the cpm Freestyle and the vq3 Freestyle into a single one.
The ports didn't change but ill post them again. -> mDd run vq3 II -> mDd run cpm II -> mDd Fastcaps2 -> mDd Freestyle

again: II) is not where it used to be.

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In-game command system
Type !help !<commandname> for a usage description.
parameters marked in [] brackets are optional (not needed).
parameters marked in <> brackets are essential (needed).
Description of common options:
[map] uses current map if not specified
[physic.mode] limit by physics (vq3, cpm, vq3.2, cpm.1 ...)
[startat#] start from a rank and show next 10 ie: !top vq3.1 startat30
[show] print to all users

!find <map>|<+features>|<-features> [random] [page#] [help] [show] Search for maps by name
<map> Search for this term
- AND/OR -
<+/- features> Limit search results by map features (weapons, items or functions) ie: !find +rl +haste -jumppad +slick
[random] randomize the returned results, otherwise its sorted by total number of records for that map
[page#] jump to the next page in the results, ie: !find dfwc page3
[help] show usage and print all map features

!login <username> <password> Use your registered username and password to login in game.

!logout You can logout during gameplay.

!mapinfo [map] [show] Shows map description, author, and features (weapons, items, functions)

!my [action] [options..] Shows statistics based on your login
options: [map] [physic.mode] [startat#] [show]
[name] shows your login name, registered country and total times in record system
[stats] shows your signature banner (average rank, top3, top5) limited by [physics.mode]
[time] displays your time on current map or search by [map] [physics.mode]
[timehistory] shows all times place on a map with respective rank and difference to your current record
[times] shows last 10 most recent times on all maps
[besttimes]|[worsttimes] shows top 10 best or worst times by rank/total records
[bestranks]|[worstranks] shows top 10 best or worst ranks
[mostplayed]|[leastplayed] shows top 10 maps with most or least times placed
[mostimproved]|[leastimproved] shows top 10 maps with most or least difference from first set time to your current record
[recentbeaten] shows you the last 10 records set by players with times less than yours
[tiedranks] shows you recent times tied with your own
[pos] (position) shows you rankings of 5 above and 5 below your own

!mytime [map] [physic.mode] Equivalent of !my time [map] [physic.mode]

!oldtop [map] [physic.mode] [show] Show top 10 times for a map and physic from Minnie's records.

!popular [map|player|country|mode] [last#] [show] Show top ten most popular maps, players, countries or modes by number of records
[last#] Number of days back to limit by. ie: !popular last7 will show popular maps in the last 7 days

!random [ctf] [count] Return up to 10 random maps
[ctf] Limit to maps with ctf recs ie: !random ctf, !random vq3.1

!rankings [physic.mode] [show] Show last ten new records on mDd database (all servers)

!rank [number] [map] [physic.mode] Show player and time at a specific rank (ties now included)

!ranktime [time] Rank a theoretical time in format MM:SS:MMM
You can bind this: /bind x "varcommand say !ranktime $chsinfo(201)"

!ratemap [skill | rate] <number> [show] Add a skill or quality rating to the current map from values 1 to 5 (5 being best) ie: !ratemap skill 5, !ratemap rate 5

!recent [show] Shows the 5 most recently uploaded maps from q3a.ath.cx

!time [nick] [map] [physic.mode] Shows the recorded time of another player (search player by exact name without color codes)

!top [map] [physic.mode] [startat#] [show] Show top 10 times for a map and physic from the record system.

!servers [serverid] [show] Show server status list with maps, players, ip, port (id is first entry in blue).
[serverid] show the player scoreboard on the server

** ideas are welcome:
have !ranktime use your current scoreboard time if no time is given

core, server, database, website -> [userid=11 nightmare]
parser, elo -> [userid=3 hk]
map database, q3a site -> Pan-
ranktime, client bind -> [userid=160 lovet]
ranktime, fixes, testing -> [userid=618 ruined]
elo, rank fixes, tiedranks, position, testing -> [userid=2 w3sp]
random ctf, testing -> [userid=1788 marky]
ingame commands -> [userid=297 praet]
mapinfo -> [userid=1786 arcaon]

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Since i am playing quake i always prefered the blue team. Unfortunately some CTF maps aren't symetric and the red route is sometimes shorter. Some maps have a cool and challenging route but the plain one on the other team is just faster.
I don't like that. So how about saving the team in the CTF records as well? You could run the map on both routes and still be the fastest.

There are not that many CTF maps out there. So it couldn't hurt playing the other routes, too.


Posted by  <hk>

We just changed the servers to the newest DeFRaG version.
Please, enjoy the now lagcheat free environment. :)

There may be maps with lagged times. If you stumble upon one of these maps, please tell us. We will reset them so everybody has an equal chance of being the best player.

Posted by  <hk>

-> We set up a test sever running the new DeFRaG version cgg released a few days ago.
It will not is not running a record system and is only there so you can built your own opinion about the new version. You should also give cgg some feedback at http://cggdev.org/. You don't need to download the new version your self, though. The old and the new version are compatible. is the beta testserver

-> Should we change all the servers to version 1.91.09?

-> Here is a preview of the upcomming server list including some fancy new features.
http://defrag.lanparty-nrw.de/?site=server (beta)

Posted by  <hk>