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Posted by  <hk>

The rule set you helped developing is now active.

Posted by  <hk>

[+] Rankings: change text align to right on column rank
[+] Profil: issues on select box of flags fixed

[+] Serverlist: adding server country flags
[+] Serverlist: change text align to right on column "ping"
[+] Serverlist: change text align to right on column "time"
[+] Serverlist: Defrag version added.
[+] Serverlist: Add mDd freestyle server

[+] Site "Registration" added
[+] Site "Lost Password" added

[+] Automatic focus to textboxes

Posted by  chicken

The server rules are now open for discussion. Everyone who has a problem with the current server rules should help developing new ones.
What ever result comes from this thread will be the new server rules.

Please post contributions into this thread:


UPDATE: I made a new board for this topic to get a more structured workflow. I want this done quick.

Posted by  <hk>

I updated the server rules.

It is not allowed to interfere with other player's runs in a way that gives the player an advantage. (ex: blocking doors open, pushing buttons, blocking platforms)

This rule is effective from now on.


Posted by  <hk>