dfwc 2017

The server rules are now open for discussion. Everyone who has a problem with the current server rules should help developing new ones.
What ever result comes from this thread will be the new server rules.

Please post contributions into this thread:


UPDATE: I made a new board for this topic to get a more structured workflow. I want this done quick.

Posted by  <hk>

I updated the server rules.

It is not allowed to interfere with other player's runs in a way that gives the player an advantage. (ex: blocking doors open, pushing buttons, blocking platforms)

This rule is effective from now on.


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The new website is finally up. It kind of looks the same but the core has been re written completely.

-> There is now a quote function in the Pinboard and
-> Users are now able to set their timezone. It will adapt all times on the site to the user's timezone.

Some more features will follow in a few days. The site is still beta so please report any bugs here.

Posted by  <hk>

I deleted the times of some cheaters out there.

[userid=1102] for using the lamest circle jump script i have ever seen.
[userid=39] -128
[userid=96] uncountable amount of scripts
[userid=775] -128

I'd like to point you to the server rules again. In case you missed something.

Posted by  <hk>

Floodprotection is now available on all mDd servers. I didn't test it enough, though. Please inform me about bugs of any kind.

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