DFWC site

The new website is finally up. It kind of looks the same but the core has been re written completely.

-> There is now a quote function in the Pinboard and
-> Users are now able to set their timezone. It will adapt all times on the site to the user's timezone.

Some more features will follow in a few days. The site is still beta so please report any bugs here.

Posted by  <hk>

I deleted the times of some cheaters out there.

[userid=1102] for using the lamest circle jump script i have ever seen.
[userid=39] -128
[userid=96] uncountable amount of scripts
[userid=775] -128

I'd like to point you to the server rules again. In case you missed something.

Posted by  <hk>

Floodprotection is now available on all mDd servers. I didn't test it enough, though. Please inform me about bugs of any kind.

Posted by  <hk>

As many players already noticed there is a performance issue on the main mDd server. This is related to I/O performance problems within the Virtual Machine we run the game servers in.

To fix this we moved the game servers out of its virtual environment back en real hardware. Now the firewall has to be reconfigured which takes time. Time nightmare does not have due to being on a road trip through Germany. Hopefully we will complete the setup this weekend.

Update: The servers have been moved and are runing again. Now it's up to you to tell us if the over all performance improved.

Posted by  <hk>

We did some updates in the module system (modules == !commands) to fix a memory glitch. It turned out that it works fine on my beta test server(#ameisen) but is rather unstable on 64 bit machines. The servers crash when somebody executes a module command like "login" or "!top". Unfortunately the servers will be down until we resolve this problem.

Sorry about that.

Update: After sacrificing some Counter Terrorists and one Chicken to the Quake god we finally got our servers back up again.

Posted by  <hk>