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My server will be down for the weekend. I have to update the operating system.

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Over the past few weeks more and more people complained about cheaters. Since we finally have some time at our hands(nightmare is done with his training and i am done with this semester's tests) we decided on doing something about it. Since requesting demos via email takes ages we will make our own demos:

How we do it
We are currently writing a server patch that enables us to record demos on the server. This means everyone will be spectated by the server itself. If the player scores a time the demo will be saved. These demos will be checked by a program. Demos that seem to be OK will be deleted automatically.Suspicious demos reported by said program will be watched by me.

Who watches them?
Server demos won't be given out. We just keep them as proof. No defrag player will see them. Your routes stay secret.

Confirmed cheating leads to account deletion.

The recording is not active jet, but will be very soon.

OK, now is the time for some whining.

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Cgg released a new version of Defrag. Since he upgraded the mayor version number it's no longer compatible with the old defrag.
We are intending to upgrade our servers to 1.92 but you can vote about that in the forum.


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Some people requested a more structured pinboard. Since we where in need of a forum only for administrative purpose we decided on a phpbb based forum.

From now on the Pinboard is replaced with a fully featured forum for you to spa... er contribute suggestions. You don't have to create accounts. Just use your existing accounts from the mDd site.

We also appointed some Moderators.
[userid=1113]. [userid=549].
Soon others will follow.


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I have simply no desire to develop the ELO code any further.
I hate it and the project is not that much of a gain for the community. It was a spontaneous descision but i guess i have been carrying it around for quite a while. So here it is...

Any complains?

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