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I have simply no desire to develop the ELO code any further.
I hate it and the project is not that much of a gain for the community. It was a spontaneous descision but i guess i have been carrying it around for quite a while. So here it is...

Any complains?

Posted by  <hk>
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28 Responses to "ELO Canceled"

  1. 1#  <hk>
    Mar 19th, '09, 22:28 QUOTE

    w3sp, why don't you tell me how miserable and irresponsible I am?

  2. Mar 19th, '09, 22:52 QUOTE

    wtf why?

  3. Mar 19th, '09, 22:53 QUOTE

    Hmm hk I like the elo projekt. If the (c/sql) programmer cannot do i it let me a try to do it in java.

  4. Mar 19th, '09, 22:57 QUOTE

    well I liked it and thought it was a nice feature, but if its not done right then its just a lot of grief i suppose :b

    is there anyone that could help you? maybe it's just a lot for 1 person

  5. 5#  <hk>
    Mar 19th, '09, 23:00 QUOTE

    Well, you already have access to the server, so i see no problem with that.
    Good luck.

  6. Mar 19th, '09, 23:08 QUOTE

    Its about time you did that. The ELO didnt show anything. Everyone knows who is worth what, who is cheating and etc. You shouldnt have spent so much time trying to developa ranking system for DeFRaG. There is no best player here!

  7. 7#  [ey]tux
    Mar 19th, '09, 23:43 QUOTE

    I entirely agree to the post content.

  8. Mar 20th, '09, 01:31 QUOTE

    gl neti =)

  9. 9#  >luci<
    Mar 20th, '09, 03:48 QUOTE


  10. 10#  like@boss
    Mar 20th, '09, 04:56 QUOTE

    don't forget to update the contact page now =)

  11. 11#  AL!EN
    Mar 20th, '09, 11:57 QUOTE

    ELO Ranking is nice but only when it works perfect (atlast 90%).
    Can you do simple points ranking ? Like first 10/20 places are count ?
    If you wll add a demo repository for every acount, you can make that only maps that player post demos are count in Ranking. What you think about it ?

  12. 12#  like@boss
    Mar 20th, '09, 14:08 QUOTE

    seriously...who records demos

  13. 13#  aadad
    Mar 20th, '09, 18:32 QUOTE

    Because you already know yourself :-)

  14. 14#  Yotoon!
    Mar 20th, '09, 23:38 QUOTE

    Aww too bad. GL neti then! :)

  15. 15#  frnk
    Mar 22nd, '09, 23:46 QUOTE

    I never understood why people whined about elo anyways? I thought of it as just another cool little stat to look at. I know qwerty and some others were real huge whiners about it. Dunno why it affected them so much. OH KNOW MY ELO!!!

    I mean, for a thing that they say didn't mean much they sure did care about losing elo or not being first on it. Whiners just cost us another neat little thinger :(

  16. 16#  like@boss
    Mar 23rd, '09, 01:23 QUOTE

    Frank, I suspect you are trolling, but in case you really are confused I will clarify with a few points....

    1. I've always liked the ELO concept, but it seems to be hard to implement for this particular ranking system and also prone to bugs. :b

    2. Contrary to what frank believes, it was NOT a perfect system that a few people were displeased with and then whined to have taken away (far from it.)

    3. Everyone could see there were problems with the ELO code, sadly that is the reason why it's no longer here.

  17. 17#  no7sag
    Mar 23rd, '09, 02:07 QUOTE


  18. 18#  frnk
    Mar 23rd, '09, 03:03 QUOTE

    I never said it was *perfect*. I just said you whined about it everyday when you'd lose points on it and that I thought it was a neat little extra thing to look at if you were interested in it.

    but you big fucking babies gotta have #1 or something. Who cares if it had bugs, just something stupid to have for fun.


  19. 19#  like@boss
    Mar 23rd, '09, 03:42 QUOTE

    ya I can see your point now (if you like looking at meaningless random numbers.)

    "If its worth doing...."

  20. 20#  frnk
    Mar 23rd, '09, 04:04 QUOTE

    meaningless numbers still had your eyes watering.

  21. 21#  like@boss
    Mar 23rd, '09, 04:33 QUOTE

    Not really, it didn't bother me nearly as much as you seem to think. :p I did my part by telling the mods (and w3sp who was somewhat involved with dev) whenever I noticed some obvious flaws, as it was a work in progress and they wanted to fix it. Obviously you were fine with a flawed system, but everyone else knew it wasn't right and wanted it to be better, if that makes us "whiners" then okay.

  22. Mar 23rd, '09, 12:17 QUOTE

    i am lookin for freeeeeedom

  23. 23#  aadad
    Mar 23rd, '09, 12:57 QUOTE

    I was involved last summer/autumn for 1 hour when I sent them back logically fixed code. The last static version (from october?) that praet showed me results from was fixed and worked entirely.
    Why it is now "redone" in java (gay..) in a static version is still a riddle to me and senseless.
    However, as long as the logic part stays the same, it'll work out =)

  24. Mar 26th, '09, 06:32 QUOTE

    I was wondering what happen to elo rankings :s

  25. Apr 3rd, '09, 07:40 QUOTE

    My 2 cents: why not make a poll to determine whether this feature is worth the developement..

  26. 26#  <hk>
    Apr 3rd, '09, 20:36 QUOTE

    haha, i am suggesting this to nightmare once a week but he constantly replys: "It's already implemented in the new site."
    Which's completion is unknown.

  27. Apr 11th, '09, 08:12 QUOTE

    Then there's obviously an interest at least on his part:)

  28. 28#  like@boss
    Apr 11th, '09, 09:27 QUOTE

    elo plx

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