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My server will be down for the weekend. I have to update the operating system.

Posted by  <hk>
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4 Responses to "Maintenance"

  1. 1#  >luci<
    Aug 9th, '09, 07:27 QUOTE

    is ok, i will be on the beach =D

  2. 2#  <hk>
    Aug 10th, '09, 21:53 QUOTE

    The term "weekend" is pretty flexible. By "weekend" i meant a "mDd-Weekend".

  3. Aug 11th, '09, 03:21 QUOTE

    mine will be down also

  4. 4#  Yotoon!
    Aug 11th, '09, 14:25 QUOTE

    Mine is up and running. But...
    ...unfortunately it's not a q3defrag server :F

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