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[userid=516] was so kind creating an animated version of our page header image.

Thanks for the effort.

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We once again started the server. This time with a new binary, though. The unexpected crashing server problem forced us to pre release the next version of the server binary. Since it's not developed completely it has a certain lack of features.
You are able to set records, but you won't get feedback from the server telling you you just set a time. The times wont appear on the website, too. Instead they are written into a queue which we will import into the database when the new recordsystem is released.

If you set a time you wont get a message from the server but the time will be saved.

Please be patient.

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We are currently copying the server to a new location. This will take a while, though.

- http://q3a.ath.cx/ => FINISHED
- New URL: http://www.q3df.org/ (old url forwards to this one)

!!! new GameServer IPs: !!!

GameServer crashes (UPDATE)

sorry that is a problem of the server i will check it tonight and hope i fix that problem

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This weekend we will switch to a new serverprovider as some of you may have noticed already. The defrag servers located at server) will be down this weekend until the new one is set up. So please be patient if you can't connect to the mDd server or set any record on other servers. It will be up again in no time.

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mDd will change the server provider, due to connection problems. As you may have noticed the mDd server( running the database is down from time to time. We will change the provider to fix this issue. We got our hands on a server located at "hetzner" which is one of our candidates for the new server.

Long story short, we want you to test the new server we set up at hetzner.
We strongly recommend to tell us if the ping is better or worse than on mDd(

mDd | Defrag CPM/VQ3 (Provider TEST)
Tell us what you think of it. If it sucks we will search another provider.

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