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Posted by  <hk>

[userid=178] made a better version of our current server list.
We fixed some minor bugs, too.

Posted by  chicken

Deleted (2010-04-24):
[userid=2783] (strafebot) [ demo ]
[userid=56] (phop[like rj] script) [ demo ] 2nd time

Merged (2010-05-03):
[userid=1965] INTO [userid=2983]
[userid=1391] AND [userid=1716] INTO [userid=1912]

Posted by  <hk>

We merged some accounts now that I have the proper tools. All times are moved into a single account. If you have more than one time on a map you keep the best one.

[userid=2653] AND [userid=2479] INTO [userid=160]

[userid=2753] INTO [userid=2754]

[userid=876] AND [userid=456] INTO [userid=1856]

[userid=1908] INTO [userid=1451]


[userid=973] INTO [userid=287]
Deleted [userid=1113]

Posted by  <hk>

I decided it's time to create a new version of test_bigbox. I generously sacrificed half an hour of my invaluable time to create this masterpiece. :)
This time the map is pretty long and you have to figure out the route your self. Since this was always a fun map I also resetted all the records on it. It's not possible to beat those 0.xxx times anymore.

Hint: Think in circles.

Good luck.

Posted by  <hk>