dfwc 2017

We now have a new member in our defrag server cluster. The Administrator of the russian server is

Please keep in mind that they can see your demos when you play on their servers.

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CGG announced another update of defrag. Version 1.92 is not considered stable, though. mDd servers will stay at version 1.91.x until 1.92 becomes the main branch.

Please keep in mind that our servers do not support the new mapping entities.

Check it out at "http://cggdev.org".

I set up a test server at

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Today we connected a new server located in sweden to our server cluster. The admin is [userid=160].

Please keep in mind that [userid=160] is able to see all your server demos that are recorded on his server. If you don't trust him, use another server. Times without a demo from that server are not valid.

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KOS made a pretty impressive promotion video for speedcapture.com. It's definitely worth watching.


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The main database server has been moved to another data center.
Sorry about the unannounced downtime.

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