dfwc 2017

This was a joke for April fools day

Yesterday, we finally decided on banning TimerResets altogether. People started to abuse timer resets. On map that are obviously not intended to be reset(like boris_pie in vq3). It's banned in the DFWC for a reason. It is just the source of pointless grinding.

I know I said, I'd not ban timer resets. Well, Khetti was right after all, I guess.

Instead of going the long way of relinking the start timer with a delay of -1 we just send a "kill" command when we detect the timer reset.

This can be abused on very short maps, though. But it turned out to be a better fix than expected. I am a bit short on time until I finish my diploma thesis but I promise to do the relinking way to fix all timers properly.

Maybe BeRsErKeR helps to fix the mod so we don't have to do it in the server.

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IP address range of the mDd servers have changed.
Please also note that each server now has its own unique dns-name and IP-Address.

mDd | Defrag CPM Runs I

mDd | Defrag VQ3 Runs I

mDd | Defrag Mixed-Runs (VQ3/CPM/CTF)

mDd | Defrag Fastcap

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We bought a bigger box and will move the services tomorrow.
There will be a downtime for several hours from tomorrow(Friday) 15:00 UTC to mid Saturday.
You won't feel the difference after the move.

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Our server is currently under attack. Packets are dropped at the firewall so our server is not influenced by it at all. The server hoster of the attacker will disconnect the attacker within the next 24h if he keeps this up.

The attack itself is not very skilled. We don't run a DNS server, so DoS with DNS packets isn't going to work.

Long story short: Somebody is failing at attacking us.
load average: 0.03, 0.01, 0.00

Better luck next time.

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A while ago we started posting mDd development related stuff into a twitter account. If you are interested in knowing about the small things behind the scenes feel free to stop by.


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