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This was a joke for April fools day

Yesterday, we finally decided on banning TimerResets altogether. People started to abuse timer resets. On map that are obviously not intended to be reset(like boris_pie in vq3). It's banned in the DFWC for a reason. It is just the source of pointless grinding.

I know I said, I'd not ban timer resets. Well, Khetti was right after all, I guess.

Instead of going the long way of relinking the start timer with a delay of -1 we just send a "kill" command when we detect the timer reset.

This can be abused on very short maps, though. But it turned out to be a better fix than expected. I am a bit short on time until I finish my diploma thesis but I promise to do the relinking way to fix all timers properly.

Maybe BeRsErKeR helps to fix the mod so we don't have to do it in the server.

Posted by  <hk>
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17 Responses to "Timer resets are now banned (fake)"

  1. 1#  AL!EN
    Apr 1st, '11, 01:48 QUOTE

    Very nice move ! Thank you !

  2. 2#  lith
    Apr 1st, '11, 06:00 QUOTE


  3. Apr 1st, '11, 08:41 QUOTE

    Mmmh, April 1? Nahh, not really.

  4. 4#  ILGP
    Apr 1st, '11, 11:52 QUOTE

    Wow, I was almost going to do some complaining. Nice one, hk.

  5. Apr 1st, '11, 12:37 QUOTE

    Yesterday, we finally decided...

    Who are "we"? You and the community, you and friends, just you?

    The mappers have the option to decide whether the map should be tr-able or not. Why should you impose furhter restrictions upon mappers and players. The defrag community is starting to look like a dictatorship more and more. Important decisions reflecting upon the whole community are made by a handfull of people. If you are wondering why the defrag community is getting smaller, look at the administration. The answer is there.

    Dont get me wrong. Im very thankfull for what you have doneare doing for us: servers, ranks, web site and many more. You just need to rethink your policy about changing the rules of the game.

    What happens with the ranks that are made with a timer reset. Will they be deleted from the database? How would players be able to beat the rec on a tr-ed map without being able to reset the timer?

  6. Apr 1st, '11, 12:41 QUOTE

    TR is part of defrag gameplay, so why do u remove it?

  7. 7#  [gt]glm
    Apr 1st, '11, 12:48 QUOTE

    lold :D
    boirs_pie o

  8. 8#  sdf
    Apr 1st, '11, 13:14 QUOTE

    april 1 i say. if not some maps have just become boring as hell.

  9. Apr 1st, '11, 14:13 QUOTE


  10. 10#  <)Ghost(>
    Apr 1st, '11, 14:27 QUOTE

    its nice to see something being done about it, but not the best way to go about it imo. mappers should always make their maps tr proof dfwc or not. in your example boris_pie. it its entirely the mappers fault for not putting in 2 simple lines: wait -1. so why torture everyone else. also as mentioned before some maps were made with tr in mind.

    (I made a pun there if any1 got it)

  11. 11#  dS-kiddy
    Apr 1st, '11, 14:39 QUOTE

    April 1 or not, if tr will be banned you have to reset the db, i bet like 50% or more of the rank1's are with some kind of tr. prejumps or getting weapons.

  12. 12#  [gt]glm
    Apr 1st, '11, 15:08 QUOTE

    and dont touch my boris_pie tr :P it's not good example bcouz there easely overjumping timer and not starting time :P
    And why you thought there was tr? Maybe i did cruel default run... =
    route sharing ;'(

  13. 13#  <hk>
    Apr 2nd, '11, 00:16 QUOTE

    Needless to say that this was just an April fools day joke. This one was too obvious for my taste but in the end, I couldn't resist.

    Sorry about that. :)

  14. 14#  B. Unns.
    Apr 2nd, '11, 00:16 QUOTE

    April 1 or not, if tr will be banned you have to reset the db, i bet like 50% or more of the rank1's are with some kind of tr. prejumps or getting weapons.

    would be like resetting the db cuz ppl (like kid) used +left/+right to make their times, so even if this wouldnt have been a joke, u can bet ur ass they woulda kept the old db XD

  15. 15#  albion
    Apr 2nd, '11, 01:47 QUOTE

    I still can't believe some of you commented seriously on this :p
    Oh April Fools, you so silly *smileyface*.

  16. 16#  >luci<
    Apr 2nd, '11, 03:59 QUOTE

    lozzzzzz, ncie one :D

  17. 17#  koderr
    Apr 2nd, '11, 12:46 QUOTE

    [2337]w == [gt]glm?


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