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IP address range of the mDd servers have changed.
Please also note that each server now has its own unique dns-name and IP-Address.

mDd | Defrag CPM Runs I

mDd | Defrag VQ3 Runs I

mDd | Defrag Mixed-Runs (VQ3/CPM/CTF)

mDd | Defrag Fastcap

Posted by  chicken
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6 Responses to "mDd defrag servers have new IP-Addresses"

  1. 1#  lith
    Feb 22nd, '11, 13:51 QUOTE


  2. 2#  AL!EN
    Feb 25th, '11, 00:00 QUOTE

    OPC IS BACK !!

  3. 3#  hox-th
    Feb 25th, '11, 10:22 QUOTE

    I remind - q3df.ru

  4. 4#  hox-th
    Feb 26th, '11, 09:14 QUOTE

    write connect mdd-fastcap.q3df.org very long
    better connect fc.q3df.org, mix.q3df.org, cpm.q3df.org, vq3.q3df.org

  5. 5#  <hk>
    Feb 26th, '11, 14:44 QUOTE

    Yeah, but it's not my choice to make.
    I have vstr vars for every server.

    ^3vstr cpm1;^7

  6. 6#  soniya
    May 14th, '24, 10:47 QUOTE

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