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Ta-da !

we're back.

sda of the raid1 died

22:00 CEST - q3df.org was taken down so we can backup data

01:00 CEST - backup is finally done. Starting to download to two different locations
15:00 CEST - server is shut down
15:15 CEST - technican is swapping the broken disk(sda)
15:30 CEST - new disk is up but the other disk of the raid is not responding(sdb)
15:45 CEST - technican is instructed to swap the cables on sdb
16:00 CEST - no effect
16:30 CEST - technican is instructed to swap sdb too.
17:00 CEST - new disk(sda) already has bad blocks
17:45 CEST - disk(sda) is swapped again
21:20 CEST - database back online all new records are saved but not displayed yet

01:03 CEST - virtual machines reinstalled. next step is reconfigure all services.
22:00 CEST - starting reconfigure...

02:00 CEST - all q3df.org services restored.

Posted by  chicken

As you may have noticed we now have a new Website. And there is a new defrag version.

This is the 4th generation of our website at www.q3df.org and this time it's a 100% rewrite. This website came a long way and we hope you like it.

In case you find a bug please report it using either the forum or the "drop us a message"-box at the bottom of the page.

Also there is a new defrag version out. It is still compatible with the previous version so you don't have to update. Most of the servers already are on the current version.

Posted by  <hk>

For some time the worldspawn map database has a new URL http://ws.q3df.org. It used to be "q3a.ath.cx" but that is in the past now. That provider stopped forwarding the domain to our servers. That's why it now can only be accessed via http://ws.q3df.org.

Unfortunately that affects the auto download feature of dfengine and iodfe, too.
To continue downloading maps you have to change the dl_source cvar.
set it to "http://ws.q3df.org/getpk3bymapname.php/%m"

Posted by  <hk>

The Registration for the DFWC 2012 is now open.
For more details see: http://dfwc.q3df.org/

Posted by  <hk>

Right now all mDd developers are meeting in one place for a weeks worth of programming. You might have noticed that we fixed some issues with the foreign servers today and brought them back online again.

More to come, stay tuned :)

Posted by  <hk>