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For some time the worldspawn map database has a new URL http://ws.q3df.org. It used to be "q3a.ath.cx" but that is in the past now. That provider stopped forwarding the domain to our servers. That's why it now can only be accessed via http://ws.q3df.org.

Unfortunately that affects the auto download feature of dfengine and iodfe, too.
To continue downloading maps you have to change the dl_source cvar.
set it to "http://ws.q3df.org/getpk3bymapname.php/%m"

Posted by  <hk>
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22 Responses to "URL change for the mapdatabase"

  1. Dec 26th, '12, 06:37 QUOTE

    ted was here

  2. 2#  lith
    Dec 26th, '12, 06:54 QUOTE

    Untz untz untz WUB WUB WUB D-D-D-D ^1A^2r^3c^4a^5o^6n

  3. 3#  Vanne
    Dec 26th, '12, 10:15 QUOTE

    ted was here

  4. 4#  fLk
    Dec 26th, '12, 16:51 QUOTE

    I cant connect on russian servers, just on german and czech working...autodownload on anther servers not working for me .. hm

  5. 5#  AL!EN
    Dec 26th, '12, 18:35 QUOTE

    If somebody will recompile DFEngine I also will update PRO Installer 2

  6. Dec 27th, '12, 13:39 QUOTE

    fresh maps are not autouploading to servers since ath.cx get down

  7. 7#  
    Dec 27th, '12, 14:23 QUOTE

    My dfengine doesn't even see servers when I open 'Server Browser'.
    What's wrong?

    P.S. I've changed dl_source.

  8. Dec 27th, '12, 15:31 QUOTE

    It is separate problem, q3 master servers are down.

  9. 9#  
    Dec 27th, '12, 16:14 QUOTE

    ?.?. ????? ???????? ?????? ?? ip? :)

  10. 10#  
    Dec 27th, '12, 16:16 QUOTE

    Hahaha, no azbuka for q3df.org :D

  11. Dec 29th, '12, 10:24 QUOTE

    The "Download map" link on a rankings page still uses the q3a.ath.cx URL

  12. 12#  chicken
    Dec 29th, '12, 10:38 QUOTE


  13. 13#  'Roman...
    Jan 3rd, '13, 07:11 QUOTE

    still waiting for autouploading new maps.........

  14. 14#  fLk
    Jan 3rd, '13, 18:51 QUOTE

    czech and russian servers inst possible for me connect wtf? just germans...other awaiting connection...and after it need map shio-zdorov.pk3...and milion another updates need...wtf? autodownload cvar is updated but not working still I wanna play! help me!

  15. 15#  hox-th
    Jan 4th, '13, 22:55 QUOTE

    when i try download skin model from ru.ws.q3df.org, error pops up: No input file specified.

  16. 16#  chicken
    Jan 5th, '13, 08:27 QUOTE

    when i try download skin model from ru.ws.q3df.org, error pops up: No input file specified.

    i forwarded this to Pan-(G)

  17. Jan 26th, '13, 01:56 QUOTE

    Oh, thank God. And then I thought, is that all that disappeared site = (

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