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As you may have noticed we now have a new Website. And there is a new defrag version.

This is the 4th generation of our website at www.q3df.org and this time it's a 100% rewrite. This website came a long way and we hope you like it.

In case you find a bug please report it using either the forum or the "drop us a message"-box at the bottom of the page.

Also there is a new defrag version out. It is still compatible with the previous version so you don't have to update. Most of the servers already are on the current version.

Posted by  <hk>
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38 Responses to "A lot of change"

  1. 1#  lith
    Jan 5th, '13, 02:44 QUOTE

    Holy shit.

  2. Jan 5th, '13, 04:02 QUOTE

    Good job.

  3. Jan 5th, '13, 05:59 QUOTE

    all old attachments in forums seem to be down, returning information "The selected attachment does not exist anymore."

  4. Jan 5th, '13, 06:24 QUOTE

    How do i recognize current server physics?

  5. 5#  hox-th
    Jan 5th, '13, 06:24 QUOTE

    in profil i want pages with rankings/id-XXXX/sort-date/desc and other sorts

  6. Jan 5th, '13, 06:31 QUOTE

    Agreed, ability to sort was damn useful.

  7. 7#  shmiga
    Jan 5th, '13, 07:41 QUOTE


  8. 8#  Yotoon!
    Jan 5th, '13, 08:04 QUOTE

    WOW it's definately a step up, but i really don't like the typography and the fact that you can't change the order of records... and the usernames should be more highlighted... and [.......] (yes, I'm too picky) ;)

    The changing background is a nice touch though.

    Pleaaaase think about implementing some kind of player ranking.

  9. 9#  chicken
    Jan 5th, '13, 08:18 QUOTE

    - records sorting in work.

    yotoon! your are welcome to contribute ;)
    Talk with hk in irc @#defrag.

  10. Jan 5th, '13, 08:57 QUOTE

    'best time' brings wrong ranks atm in some cases
    noticed on gpl-arcaon cpm and hny-gvn21 vq3

    i request an option to set background image to pure white one via cookies, since whole shit is too dark with current ones

    also this transparent frame has low fps :F

  11. 11#  [gt]glm
    Jan 5th, '13, 08:59 QUOTE

    would be really nice to have option for display more record on current page, now it's only 15
    it is not enough

  12. 12#  [gt]glm
    Jan 5th, '13, 09:01 QUOTE

    I mean in own account also.

    ps. and background image seems too low-resolution

  13. Jan 5th, '13, 09:20 QUOTE

    ps. and background image seems too low-resolution

    not really, just lame screening settings

  14. 14#  shmiga
    Jan 5th, '13, 09:55 QUOTE

    back to the old school back to the roots:cccc

  15. 15#  Vanne
    Jan 5th, '13, 10:29 QUOTE

    Wow! Looks great!

  16. 16#  Timothy
    Jan 5th, '13, 10:44 QUOTE

    Looking thick. Solid. Tight.

  17. 17#  [gt]glm
    Jan 5th, '13, 11:05 QUOTE

    to be honest I would prefer less piled design

  18. 18#  AL!EN
    Jan 5th, '13, 11:14 QUOTE

    Holy shit !!

  19. 19#  AL!EN
    Jan 5th, '13, 11:16 QUOTE

    Choosing my own password - FINALLY !!

  20. 20#  Yotoon!
    Jan 5th, '13, 11:21 QUOTE

    The "Best time" values in the Serverlist are mostly incorrect.
    Also, no vq3/cpm indicators.

  21. 21#  like@boss
    Jan 5th, '13, 11:45 QUOTE

    needs antialiasing + whatever other graphical settings are needed for the background images to look as good as possible

  22. 22#  pat fenis
    Jan 5th, '13, 14:35 QUOTE

    I like new site but it feels a bit heavy. Also most used fonts are unreadable, especially in Serverlist and Records sections.

  23. 23#  chicken
    Jan 5th, '13, 16:45 QUOTE

    next update will be include some reported things:

    - My login info doesn't seem to be stored. I had to log in last night and this morning. I never used to have that issue.
    - when clicking "quote", you should be brought to the top of the page, or the text box should appear beneath the post that you're quoting, similar to how ESR works.
    - page links broken.
    - serverlist best time is wrong
    - serverlist no cpm/vq3
    - records sortable
    - player settings to enable fullscreen background (because of slow pc's and browser)
    - player settings to set font family
    - player settings to change the colorprofile

  24. 24#  doc-
    Jan 5th, '13, 16:53 QUOTE

    nice work !

  25. 25#  Vanne
    Jan 5th, '13, 18:39 QUOTE

    Last version you could see if someone was logged in, but not in this. I liked that feature! :)

  26. 26#  kITKAATpx
    Jan 6th, '13, 11:51 QUOTE

    super-awesome !

  27. Jan 6th, '13, 13:02 QUOTE

    Looks nice but next time use anti aliasing for the background shots.

  28. 28#  BorisXIV
    Jan 6th, '13, 16:08 QUOTE

    Good job guys :) keep it up

  29. 29#  [gt]glm
    Jan 6th, '13, 23:13 QUOTE

    As I heard this new website is beta, can you return old version for this period? :) Becouse I remember old sire had same title (on the left top corner) for like 5 years.

  30. 30#  <hk>
    Jan 7th, '13, 01:06 QUOTE

    As I heard this new website is beta, can you return old version for this period?

    You heard wrongly. This website will stay.

  31. Jan 8th, '13, 23:54 QUOTE

    serverlist records are still fucked up :<

  32. 32#  [gt]glm
    Jan 9th, '13, 14:16 QUOTE

    please fix physic
    run-afk is still unfinishable >_<

  33. Jan 10th, '13, 13:48 QUOTE

    please fix physic
    run-afk is still unfinishable >_<

    it is finishable on certain servers with new binary build
    (most likely on all 4e servers)

    another issue: displayed defrag version is wrong
    also feaure is useless in general

  34. 34#  eL|HoRuS|
    Jan 10th, '13, 15:07 QUOTE

    Good job of course :) but you should activate all the functions of the previous version, such as the possibility to order records by time, ranks, map name etc

  35. 35#  [gt]glm
    Jan 10th, '13, 16:26 QUOTE

    Good job of course :) but you should activate all the functions of the previous version, such as the possibility to order records by time, ranks, map name etc

    seems we have to wait eternity for that

    ps. and please return the very first find function (I mean without dynamic finding)

  36. 36#  chicken
    Jan 10th, '13, 21:06 QUOTE

    Below you find a list with fixed issues:

    • when clicking \"quote\", then scrolling the page to top

    • pages now in correct count

    • serverlist show correct best time

    • serverlist show physic/mode

    • records sortable

    • disabled fullscreen background

  37. 37#  Vanne
    Jan 10th, '13, 21:49 QUOTE

    Is there a way to still have the fullscreen background?

  38. Jan 17th, '13, 17:15 QUOTE

    Huge "RULES" link is missing tho.

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