dfwc 2017

It has been announced in the forum for some time now.
Now it's official. Walllingering is banned. Times that have been set using this bug will be removed.

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As you might have noticed, we have a new entry in the navigation bar labeled "Wiki". In there you can find some hopefully useful articles which will be extended over time. For now only certain users have write privileges.

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Walllingering, wallbug, whatever it's called.
Being stuck in a wall to gain speed through airstrafe without moving.

Should that be banned from q3df.org?


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Ta-da !

we're back.

sda of the raid1 died

22:00 CEST - q3df.org was taken down so we can backup data

01:00 CEST - backup is finally done. Starting to download to two different locations
15:00 CEST - server is shut down
15:15 CEST - technican is swapping the broken disk(sda)
15:30 CEST - new disk is up but the other disk of the raid is not responding(sdb)
15:45 CEST - technican is instructed to swap the cables on sdb
16:00 CEST - no effect
16:30 CEST - technican is instructed to swap sdb too.
17:00 CEST - new disk(sda) already has bad blocks
17:45 CEST - disk(sda) is swapped again
21:20 CEST - database back online all new records are saved but not displayed yet

01:03 CEST - virtual machines reinstalled. next step is reconfigure all services.
22:00 CEST - starting reconfigure...

02:00 CEST - all q3df.org services restored.

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As you may have noticed we now have a new Website. And there is a new defrag version.

This is the 4th generation of our website at www.q3df.org and this time it's a 100% rewrite. This website came a long way and we hope you like it.

In case you find a bug please report it using either the forum or the "drop us a message"-box at the bottom of the page.

Also there is a new defrag version out. It is still compatible with the previous version so you don't have to update. Most of the servers already are on the current version.

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