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One of the hdds of the 4e servers just died. Luckily we have RAID. I am currently backing up data. Later I'll have them swap the disk and everything should be fine again.

Update (2014-08-26 03:00): unfortunately the 2nd disk is about to fail, too. We will have them swapped one at a time and then upgrade to a newer model.

Update (2014-08-26 15:30): We did lose a server demo here and there but now all the defrag related data is safe. Instead of fixing the old server we are probably going to swap the machine for several smaller boxes.

Update (2014-08-27 16:50): We rented a comparable server to bridge the gap to the new server setup.

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As many already know from the forum there will not be a DFWC in march. We do not have nearly enough maps to host it.

Acording to the survey we did last time the next reasonable date for the DFWC would be in October.

So if you are a mapper and want to be part of the DFWC mapping team. Now is your chance to come up with something over the summer.

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It has been announced in the forum for some time now.
Now it's official. Walllingering is banned. Times that have been set using this bug will be removed.

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As you might have noticed, we have a new entry in the navigation bar labeled "Wiki". In there you can find some hopefully useful articles which will be extended over time. For now only certain users have write privileges.

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Walllingering, wallbug, whatever it's called.
Being stuck in a wall to gain speed through airstrafe without moving.

Should that be banned from q3df.org?


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