dfwc 2017

I decided to buy some new/better hardware for the "fox"-defrag servers.
The new box now has a much stronger CPU and 16GB of RAM. This means I can spare some gigs for a RAM-Disk to write the server demos to.

Until now the servers started to lag, when many players were actively playing, due to the high disc load of the demo recording.
We'll see how things turn out.
The migration will take place gradually.

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The newest addition to our network are the xtc-servers in South Africa. These servers run on Windows which is a first for our proxymod. Unfortunately this means only bare bone feature until the server is moved to linux or we port the rest of the modules.

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wishes your mDd team.

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Things have gone quiet for some time now. Here is an update on how things are at mDd.
We developed different approach to record serverdemos more efficiently. Now they are not depending on the client's snaps rate, anymore. Unfortunately this leads to a bigger file size.

We noticed that servers tend to crash a lot lately. They crash due to a problem in the module threading system. It's not easy to fix, this might take a while. The whole record system has to be rewritten anyway.

chicken and me both work 50+ hours on our day jobs. There is not much time left for mDd and defrag :(

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I didn't want to post this yesterday for obvious reasons:

We have finally managed to get our database scripts right. I just deleted all records prior to 2009-11-01, because they have no server demo and therefore cannot be trusted. Those times will be reintegrated into the database when the new database layout is ready.
About 60000 times were removed.

There will be a flagging system. This means a record can be in several states like "cheat", "unchecked" or "temporarily valid". We will also display if the record is backed up by a demo or not.
If the user agrees on sharing the demo you can download it.
This means we are no longer deleting cheated times but flag them as "cheat". They will not be displayed in !top or on the website on default. You can display them by explicitly asking for them in the search query.

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