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Since the move the "4e"-Servers have a new IP-Address that starts with "5". This is very unfortunate because that is also the address range Hamachi uses as intermediate network between clients.

If you have problems connecting to our servers, try deactivating the network adapter hamachi uses.

The better but more complicated way to fix this issue is to add a static route to override hamachi for this special ip-address( only.

Example: route ADD MASK

This has to be repeated every time you start windows unless you use the -p option to make this route persistent.


Thanks to [userid=5210] for pointing this out.

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The main server is undergoing some hardware changes. Unfortunately this requires the website and the record system to be offline. Tomorrow evening everything should be running smoothly again.

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I decided to buy some new/better hardware for the "fox"-defrag servers.
The new box now has a much stronger CPU and 16GB of RAM. This means I can spare some gigs for a RAM-Disk to write the server demos to.

Until now the servers started to lag, when many players were actively playing, due to the high disc load of the demo recording.
We'll see how things turn out.
The migration will take place gradually.

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The newest addition to our network are the xtc-servers in South Africa. These servers run on Windows which is a first for our proxymod. Unfortunately this means only bare bone feature until the server is moved to linux or we port the rest of the modules.

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wishes your mDd team.

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