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I decided to buy some new/better hardware for the "fox"-defrag servers.
The new box now has a much stronger CPU and 16GB of RAM. This means I can spare some gigs for a RAM-Disk to write the server demos to.

Until now the servers started to lag, when many players were actively playing, due to the high disc load of the demo recording.
We'll see how things turn out.
The migration will take place gradually.

Posted by  <hk>
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7 Responses to "new hardware for the fox-servers"

  1. Jun 19th, '12, 06:29 QUOTE

    I'm still coping with the loss of the a51 servers.

  2. Jun 19th, '12, 06:31 QUOTE

    Also, it seems player links on the right are broken for news postings...

  3. Jun 19th, '12, 11:46 QUOTE

    Is there any possibility to download demos (own demos) via mdd account permission? Like a personal FTP for each registered player where best of his runs are saved while he is not permitted to upload just to dl in case he is under the Top5( a backup of demos just for the registered player which can be only entered by him).


  4. 4#  BazzD
    Jun 19th, '12, 18:32 QUOTE

    Mod you could ask praet, but dont ask hk hes nup and wont give.

  5. 5#  <hk>
    Jun 20th, '12, 19:33 QUOTE

    There is no automated system for demo downloading. You can however request demos via email. Depending on the server the demo was recorded on it might take some time to get the demos. Use the support email address in the contact section.

  6. Jun 27th, '12, 18:58 QUOTE

    nice one !

  7. Jul 1st, '12, 22:28 QUOTE

    ... more power ... faster ... more space ... more memory ... binford6100

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