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The newest addition to our network are the xtc-servers in South Africa. These servers run on Windows which is a first for our proxymod. Unfortunately this means only bare bone feature until the server is moved to linux or we port the rest of the modules.

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  2. 2#  flo.
    Mar 28th, '12, 07:19 QUOTE


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    rane on acid :-)

  4. Mar 29th, '12, 00:52 QUOTE

    It will be moved to linux, windows servers aren't free, linux is :P and we have no choice after June, so might as well put it on linux now.

    Big thanks to hk, nightmare and N3cTr0 (gameserv hoster).

    YAAAY no tele lags, door opening lags, jump pad lags, weapon pickup delays! and just overall more comfy weapon play! :P

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