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Our server is currently under attack. Packets are dropped at the firewall so our server is not influenced by it at all. The server hoster of the attacker will disconnect the attacker within the next 24h if he keeps this up.

The attack itself is not very skilled. We don't run a DNS server, so DoS with DNS packets isn't going to work.

Long story short: Somebody is failing at attacking us.
load average: 0.03, 0.01, 0.00

Better luck next time.

Posted by  <hk>
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16 Responses to "DoS attack"

  1. 1#  OhLaLa
    Jan 23rd, '11, 00:04 QUOTE

    was easy..

  2. 2#  Po0dle
    Jan 23rd, '11, 00:32 QUOTE

    You should ask for the IP and compare it to the userbase

  3. 3#  >luci<
    Jan 23rd, '11, 06:11 QUOTE

    bad friend for that

  4. 4#  albion
    Jan 23rd, '11, 11:40 QUOTE

    Maybe it's Scifen, the master hacker :D

  5. 5#  Bazz
    Jan 23rd, '11, 14:01 QUOTE

    according to this information. the only person who fails enough to do this is..

    mystery solved

  6. Jan 23rd, '11, 17:13 QUOTE

    The DoS attack is currently aktiv

    Short System Status:

    -> up and running

    -> up and running

    -> up and running

    -> up and running

    -> up and running

    network status
    -> stable

  7. 7#  albion
    Jan 23rd, '11, 17:18 QUOTE

    Seems to be doing... absolutely nothing.

  8. 8#  >luci<
    Jan 24th, '11, 04:14 QUOTE

    -> up and running

    phew! :D

  9. Jan 24th, '11, 14:26 QUOTE

    what does teh scouter say...

  10. 10#  albion
    Jan 24th, '11, 15:50 QUOTE

    -> up and running

    phew! :D


    what does teh scouter say...

    <9000, lulz what a weakling :D

  11. 11#  lith
    Jan 24th, '11, 18:11 QUOTE

    But it doesnt matter cus s4nderz won qcon 2k4 tdm tourney

  12. Jan 24th, '11, 18:45 QUOTE

    definetly w3sp!

  13. 13#  <hk>
    Jan 24th, '11, 22:49 QUOTE

    The attacker gave up.

  14. 14#  [gt]tech
    Jan 25th, '11, 20:12 QUOTE

    hello hunny =)

  15. 15#  Sharky
    Jan 30th, '11, 18:16 QUOTE

    Client/Server-Mismatch baseq3-1/Defrag-5

    wen i connect i get dis message HELP

  16. 16#  <hk>
    Jan 31st, '11, 12:48 QUOTE

    Read your thread in the forum. This has nothing to do with this news post.

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