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Since i am playing quake i always prefered the blue team. Unfortunately some CTF maps aren't symetric and the red route is sometimes shorter. Some maps have a cool and challenging route but the plain one on the other team is just faster.
I don't like that. So how about saving the team in the CTF records as well? You could run the map on both routes and still be the fastest.

There are not that many CTF maps out there. So it couldn't hurt playing the other routes, too.


Posted by  <hk>
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58 Responses to "Team based Fastcaps"

  1. Oct 25th, '08, 20:30 QUOTE

    sounds good, are the rankings devided aswell?, that'd be cool (atleast a function for blueteam rec or redteam rec :)

  2. 2#  -pjr-
    Oct 25th, '08, 20:32 QUOTE

    i like blue team too :-)

  3. 3#  khtti
    Oct 25th, '08, 20:34 QUOTE

    Maybe something can be done with weapon/item spawns to detect which route is being run?

    Maxing slow ctf routes is useful and fun too, having multiple routes to play also gives some life to otherwise overplayed maps.
    This may not be feasible in DF19x

    Team separation is a good start though :)

  4. 4#  <hk>
    Oct 25th, '08, 20:56 QUOTE

    There is a problem though.

    What about the old records?
    I can't tell on which team they have been scored.

  5. 5#  khtti
    Oct 25th, '08, 21:00 QUOTE

    get demos from the top10 and wipe the rest (lol)

  6. 6#  <hk>
    Oct 25th, '08, 21:03 QUOTE

    I could move them into the minnie Database.
    I could just delete them.

  7. Oct 25th, '08, 21:10 QUOTE

    lets also mark what route everyone used, so you could be the fastest at the slow route! ...:rolls eyes:

    taking some time to figure out which team will let you cap faster is something that should be rewarded, and not marked as a caveat.

  8. 8#  aadad
    Oct 25th, '08, 23:55 QUOTE

    As long as it's just a red/blue * in the record table in a new column or so I don't mind

  9. 9#  speed
    Oct 26th, '08, 02:55 QUOTE

    Old records, anyone of us that sits on the fast caps servers could tell you which side is better on the non symmetric maps.

  10. 10#  BorisXIV
    Oct 26th, '08, 10:45 QUOTE

    I could move them into the minnie Database.
    I could just delete them.

    I say don't delete them, put them in the minnie database :)
    there's lots of ppl who worked hours (weeks :p) to get these records

  11. 11#  dS-kiddy
    Oct 26th, '08, 15:34 QUOTE

    hmm. what about the maps with same rout ? i dont like this :( and if database will be reset again i wont play anymore

  12. 12#  like@boss
    Oct 26th, '08, 15:38 QUOTE

    "and if database will be reset again i wont play anymore"

    same =

  13. 13#  <hk>
    Oct 26th, '08, 16:14 QUOTE

    I am just telling what occurred to me. That's why i ask you about the PROs and CONs of this idea.
    What if the current records are flaged as 'undefined'. If you beat or equal them they will be overwritten as they used to be. But then the team information will be there.

  14. 14#  dS-kiddy
    Oct 26th, '08, 18:10 QUOTE

    that sounds better hk

  15. 15#  aadad
    Oct 26th, '08, 18:40 QUOTE

    yet another reset? die instead :)

    Take instead care of the lagged times already

  16. 16#  frnk
    Oct 26th, '08, 18:49 QUOTE

    reset all times, start fresh

  17. 17#  BorisXIV
    Oct 26th, '08, 19:30 QUOTE

    I don't mind either, yet I can understand ppl don't want a reset :)

    The idea of team based times doesn't work though without a reset
    (since the best times are done in the best team which makes it unable to compete with the other team for me and most of the ppl who already did a decent time)

  18. 18#  frnk
    Oct 26th, '08, 20:10 QUOTE

    RESET ALL TIMES ON DATABASE. put them in old database now. New antilag defrag and no reset of old possible lag times?

  19. 19#  like@boss
    Oct 26th, '08, 21:12 QUOTE

    lets also do a time for prejumpers and one for not....

  20. 20#  Adrian
    Oct 26th, '08, 21:14 QUOTE

    reset wtf? , HELL NO!

  21. 21#  like@boss
    Oct 26th, '08, 21:15 QUOTE

    hahaha frank just wants them reset so kiddy goes away XD

  22. 22#  frnk
    Oct 26th, '08, 21:30 QUOTE

    I agree with Boris and Hk on the matter. Put all old times in old database and reset all times in all pages of all modes and mods. Start fresh with a fresh antilag cheat defrag. So we all know now that no times for sure are not LAGGED.

  23. 23#  BorisXIV
    Oct 26th, '08, 21:46 QUOTE


  24. 24#  like@boss
    Oct 26th, '08, 21:51 QUOTE


  25. Oct 26th, '08, 21:55 QUOTE

    If you reset times you'll notice more and more people quitting defrag ;)
    So i guess you shouldnt

  26. 26#  speed
    Oct 27th, '08, 00:00 QUOTE

    i say keep the db as it is. we dont need to go making it more complicated.

  27. 27#  frnk
    Oct 27th, '08, 00:03 QUOTE

    If they quit then they were lag cheaters, who can't do their times again. Or just whiners and lazy.

  28. 28#  dS-kiddy
    Oct 27th, '08, 00:14 QUOTE

    is there even lagged times in fc ?
    frank: im just lazy if we put it that way. i worked rly hard with many of my times and i dont(have the time) to make that again

  29. 29#  BorisXIV
    Oct 27th, '08, 00:25 QUOTE

    I have to agree that you don't get worse in playing and redoing most times is quite easy (5-10 minutes a map)
    Exept those grinded times you made (which required some time + luck appearantly)
    Not saying I dispise that yet I don't mind a reset at all

  30. 30#  BorisXIV
    Oct 27th, '08, 00:26 QUOTE

    Also my opnion is if you quit because you don't have a nice record slate behind ur login is kinda weird, I say players shouldn't be affected by records that much :)

  31. 31#  BorisXIV
    Oct 27th, '08, 00:28 QUOTE

    and yes I see my contradiction as to why should i want a reset if I don't care about records anyhow
    reason is I like fresh new routes, and semi-competition spices that up which is why I'd be for a reset

  32. 32#  dS-kiddy
    Oct 27th, '08, 00:31 QUOTE

    when i play a map for some days and get a time u know is kind of max what u can. u get a bit mad if it will be moved to minnies.

  33. 33#  dS-kiddy
    Oct 27th, '08, 00:33 QUOTE

    i wont be happy about it. but if the rest want a reset then go for it.
    in strafe i rly understand the idea but im a mode2 player. i dont think its so good there.

  34. 34#  BorisXIV
    Oct 27th, '08, 00:58 QUOTE

    for me in mode 2 it's exactly the same
    can get a good time in matter of minutes if I ran the map before
    ofcourse those max max times (which require luck or grinding) are hard to achieve
    reset or don't reset I don't mind either way

  35. 35#  like@boss
    Oct 27th, '08, 02:59 QUOTE

    I agree kiddy, we've grinded some maps to get at the lowest time we can do.
    Isn't that the whole point of this? ....trying to push your times as far as they can go,sharing and comparing times with eachother etc..?....moving the times out pretty much takes away any sense of accomplishment we've had in the last few months =

    I'd definitely not login anymore since you never know when the admins will have another idea for a site feature and have to wipe the DB at any moment... and without loggin in that pretty much takes the competitive aspect out of it for me (and thats the part I find the most fun tbh) =(

    at the very least I'd put up a poll with 3 options

    "no reset" "yes reset" "dont care"

  36. 36#  <hk>
    Oct 27th, '08, 09:13 QUOTE

    Nightmare and I agreed on NOT deleting the Fastcap records. We will search for lagged times, though.
    I still like the idea of a teambased fastcap ranking so i hope it will be possible to include somehow.

  37. 37#  aadad
    Oct 27th, '08, 11:35 QUOTE

    Start off with those I reported weeks ago :p

  38. 38#  BorisXIV
    Oct 27th, '08, 19:39 QUOTE

    How about having another entry with team based records which will take the place of ur old record if you defeat your old record, and making a command !topblue !topred for those times
    after a while most times will be team and we'd be able to compete with the normal !top being intact? (idea?)

    So in short, another 2 entries of which the best will be in the !top and in the !top'team' and then you have another for !top'otherteam'
    might be abit much but ppl wanting the record can still go for the normal !top this way, keeping that intact

    ok stopping cause I'm starting to repeat myself :)

  39. 39#  like@boss
    Oct 27th, '08, 22:25 QUOTE

    that's a practical solution boris =)

  40. 40#  AL!EN
    Oct 28th, '08, 13:36 QUOTE

    Nice idea ! I was thinking about the same long time ago. But what about people who will make time using another team just for be "1st" and some noobs record those "team times" again will make ELO Ranking fucked up ? How you can avoid that on a map the route will be the same and people start to using Team Blue for rec their times will will bring totally mess in times/rankings etc ?

  41. 41#  like@boss
    Oct 28th, '08, 19:23 QUOTE

    If I understood boris correctly...he's saying just use the regular !top for elo and
    once someone improves their time though it will be added to the !topblue/red rankings also...so if you never improve your time on a map though you'd only be in the main !top

  42. 42#  BorisXIV
    Oct 28th, '08, 20:18 QUOTE

    starts out correct but the idea was
    !top for the fastest records by players which is your fastest time no matter which team and use that for elo only
    then make 2 seperate tops !topred and !topblue which will be starting from the day they are created. The new records you set (from that date on) will be recorded in the seperate team tops ASWELL (if you improve your time) as in the !top
    so you can still play in the topred AND topblue from that date on.

    So say my time is 11.2 on the blue team, which now would be just 11.2 atm (since they didn't register team)
    after the adjustment I do a 11.3 on the blue team --> that only registeres in the !topblue and not in the !top
    then I do a 11.1 in the blue team --> It registers in the !topblue since I broke my record in the blue team but ALSO registers in the !top since I broke my total record
    same goes for the red team

    this way we can compete in the teams + leave the top intact (the team rankings is just a nice bonus.

  43. 43#  like@boss
    Oct 28th, '08, 21:23 QUOTE

    sounds good =)

  44. 44#  frnk
    Oct 28th, '08, 21:33 QUOTE

    should delete all records so we can start out new and fresh.

  45. 45#  BorisXIV
    Oct 28th, '08, 22:29 QUOTE

    shut up frank :) we know your opinion

  46. 46#  BorisXIV
    Oct 29th, '08, 19:39 QUOTE

    any thinking progress? :) ? anyone? :p

  47. 47#  speed
    Oct 29th, '08, 21:23 QUOTE

    lets start the rankings over so frank can only compete on maps he likes towards his ELO ranking. AMIRITE TED???

  48. 48#  like@boss
    Oct 30th, '08, 03:56 QUOTE

    i don't think franks elo is going to be different either way =) he'll still be nr#1...as long as wesp allows it

  49. 49#  <hk>
    Oct 30th, '08, 10:16 QUOTE

    ^3>^7 any thinking progress?
    I guess I won't move any records to the minnie database.
    Flagging them as undefined will do the trick. What you(Boris) described was what i had in mind. That's what we will do.

  50. 50#  <hk>
    Oct 30th, '08, 10:35 QUOTE

    VQ3 Fastcaps ELO mode 1 (pre release for personal amusement)

    Rank 2: 2608 [qwerty.us]
    Rank 3: 2606 xR-Adrian

    ^5Fight !^7

  51. 51#  dS-kiddy
    Oct 30th, '08, 10:54 QUOTE

    ELO for cpm.2 ? (= top3

  52. 52#  <hk>
    Oct 30th, '08, 16:24 QUOTE

    fastcaps cpm.2:

    Rank 1: 2661 * Kiddy!
    Rank 2: 2251 hehe
    Rank 3: 2027 * hykon!
    Rank 4: 1699 Bb:)
    Rank 5: 1642 [2337]r
    That's enough for now.

  53. 53#  like@boss
    Oct 30th, '08, 20:53 QUOTE

    aha n1 =)

  54. 54#  speed
    Oct 31st, '08, 16:04 QUOTE

    hmm, dont release elo. it will make me do less school work.

  55. 55#  frnk
    Nov 1st, '08, 00:33 QUOTE

    i love peter griffin

  56. 56#  BorisXIV
    Nov 1st, '08, 21:49 QUOTE

    any idea when this teamstuff will be implented? :)

  57. 57#  <hk>
    Nov 2nd, '08, 00:20 QUOTE

    There is the ugly and the good way. I am not willing to support the ugly way because it's a pain. There would be lots of bugs we would have to dyke out first.
    That's why we want the good way. Unfortunately CGG's has to provide us with some information about defrag's internal structure.

  58. 58#  BorisXIV
    Nov 2nd, '08, 00:27 QUOTE

    alright, I'm for the good way aswell.
    was just wondering :)

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