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I moved the cpm run II to my root-server. Since my box is really low on memory i had to sacrifice one of the freestyle servers. So i merged the cpm Freestyle and the vq3 Freestyle into a single one.
The ports didn't change but ill post them again. -> mDd run vq3 II -> mDd run cpm II -> mDd Fastcaps2 -> mDd Freestyle

again: II) is not where it used to be.

Posted by  <hk>
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10 Responses to "Minor changes"

  1. 1#  novi4ek
    Nov 18th, '08, 10:51 QUOTE


  2. 2#  <hk>
    Nov 18th, '08, 11:37 QUOTE

    It just MOVED, it's still there.

  3. 3#  aadad
    Nov 18th, '08, 12:33 QUOTE

    Purpose of moving?
    (Besides making the former ping 15 increase to 30)

  4. 4#  <hk>
    Nov 18th, '08, 13:12 QUOTE

    Some people now have a ping decrease of 80 milliseconds.
    They asked me for it. Now there is every kind of server on both boxes.

  5. Nov 18th, '08, 18:13 QUOTE


  6. 6#  {c7m}
    Nov 19th, '08, 15:01 QUOTE

    can you add freestyle server to serverlist hk?

  7. Nov 19th, '08, 15:56 QUOTE

    Any other advantages than having wesp crying? LOL! ZERIOUZ!

  8. 8#  <hk>
    Nov 19th, '08, 22:27 QUOTE

    ^3C7M^7, I want to but nightmare doesn't let me because the server is not connected to the record system.

  9. 9#  {c7m}
    Nov 20th, '08, 20:10 QUOTE

    lol what's the sense to connect freestyle server to DB?

  10. 10#  albion
    Nov 26th, '08, 19:49 QUOTE


    Am I the only one who can't connect to Cpm II (yes I'm using the new IP-address). Constant 'Awaiting Challenge...', I've let it try once and went up to 50 and still I didn't connect :/

    Anyone else having the same problem?

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