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Defrag Mod

Defrag 1.91.xx is the main and most commonly used defrag version.

Defrag 1.92.xx is the experimental branch of Defrag and introduces several new map entities. Development stalled.

Get the latest files here: Defrag-Modfiles

Popular engines

Using other engines instead of quake3.exe is recommended to make use of timesaving features. To use a new engine, simply place the .exe (dfengine.exe for example) in the same directory as quake3.exe.

  • dfengine is developed by Drakkar. Download: dfengine

  • ioquake3 probably the best known engine with a lot of features. Download: ioquake3

  • iodfe by nt.Runaos is a combination of dfengine and ioquake3. The new Snap-Hud and some dfengine bugs fixes are it's strength. Download: iodfe

Other helpful programs

Written by AMT-Morbus and adapted by <hk>