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Current and official version

  1. Binary Cheats
  2. Scripting Cheats
  3. Account Pollicy
  4. Not acceptable behaviour
  5. Recommended client net settings are
  6. Guidelines

There are various groups cheats are divided into.

1. Binary Cheats

  • 1.1 It's not allowed to modify the quake3 nor the defrag binary files in any way.
  • 1.2 It's not allowed to modify the memory used by defrag with external programs during runtime of the game.
  • 1.3 It's not allowed to drop nor delay packets(network) on purpose(net settings).
  • 1.4 Allowed client quake3 compatible binaries: "idsoftware quake3, ioquake3, OpenArena, cgg's dfengine, iodfe and cnq3".

2. Scripting Cheats

  • 2.1 It's not allowed to execute a sequence of commands(triggered by software or hardware) that affect physical player behavior using predefined timing and order.
  • 2.2 It is not allowed to use external means to time player actions(jumping, shooting, view direction change). The player has to time actions himself.

3. Account Pollicy

  • 3.1 It's not allowed to give your account's login data to other people.
  • 3.2 You are not allowed to play using another players account.
  • 3.3 It is not allowed to have more than one account per person.

4. Not acceptable behaviour

  • 4.1 It is not allowed to change your view angles(direction the player is facing) with other means than moving the mouse.
  • 4.2 It is not allowed to bind any actions that alter the movement of a player to your mouse wheel.
  • 4.3 Every player has to adjust the network settings to have the least possible packet loss and (if possible) latency (ping)
  • 4.4 It is not allowed to gain speed over several frames without change of position. (No walllingering/Wallbug)

5. Recommended client net settings are

  • cl_maxpackets "125"
  • snaps "125"
  • rate "25000"
  • cl_packetdup "2" or higher

6. Guidelines

  • 6.1 Be polite, talk english preferably, respect others and be fair.
  • 6.2 If something is not forbidden do not think it is accepted behaviour.

There is a series of cheats that should be mentioned explicitly despite being covered by the rules above.

  • Do not script +moveup; +attack.
  • Do not use measures that replay runs at any degree of automation.
  • Using +left or +right is NOT OK. Those are considered to be turn script commands.
  • Do not bind +moveup to your mouse wheel

Update: Moved some rules into the new Guidelines category to avoid confusion. (2009-12-19)

Update: No rule changes but more examples. (2010-06-17)

Update: Not "Binding +left" but "Using +left" is forbidden (2011-01-21)

Update: Added "The player has to time actions himself." to avoid misinterpretation. (2011-04-07)

Update: Added a suggestion for client net settings. (2011-04-12)

Update: Added iodfe to the list of allowed clients. (2011-11-06)

Update: Walllingering is now Banned (2013-09-26)

Update: Numbering the rules for easy relation in the new Interpretation section (2014-01-30)