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Interpretation of Serverrules

  • 1.3 Is a rule made to keep players from using extreme network settings to abuse quake3's network dependant physics. At the time the most prominent cheat was trigger lagging which eventually got fixed by cgg. Also some players used this to make spectating unbearable since low netsettings would reduce the spectation experience to a slideshow. This was relevant in the days before the servers recorded demos of every run for anti cheat reference.

  • 1.4 There is an increasing number of quake3 clients since the source code was released by idsoftware. Everybody could modify his quake client with various cheats and use it on q3df servers. This rule narrows the selection down to a hand full of clients that are considered trustworthy. Of course this extends to shared libraries that are loaded at and code injected by other means runtime even though they are not strictly part of the client itself.

  • 2.1 Defrag is about doing things precisely many times in a row. You need several attempts to get a certain trick right and in the meantime you shouldn't mess up other tricks. This can easily be achieved by using means that automate certain if not all the tricks in a run. This rule is so abstract to cover all the various tools software and hardware to automate movement. e.g. autoit, netcode manipulation, mice with macro functionality, or just basic quake scripts.

  • 3.x These rules are about database integrity. The point of this database is to have an overview of the skill of every single player.

  • 4.x quake3 and defrag provide features that are considered cheat by the community. This is not strictly a cheat but still not allowed. Just stick to it.

  • 4.1 This rule prohibits the use of +left and similar internal features that make turning for e.g. a circlejump easier.
  • 4.2 mouse wheel jumping may be allowed in related games like kzmod in defrag however it is not. Using this to wheel up slopes and stairs is considered lame.
  • 4.3 see 1.3

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