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  1. Mega health
  2. Large health
  3. Medium health
  4. Small health


  1. Red Armor
  2. Yellow Armor
  3. Armor Shard


  1. Battlesuit
  2. Flight
  3. Quad-Damage
  4. Regeneration


  1. Medikit

Health & Armor


Mega health

  • Adds 100 health points to current health up to a maximum of 200.

Large health (Gold cross bubble)

  • Adds 50 Health.
  • Cannot be picked up over 100 health.

Medium health (Yellow cross bubble)

  • Adds 25 Health.
  • Cannot be picked up over 100 health.

Small health (Green cross bubble)

  • Adds 5 Health.
  • Can be picked up over 100 health but slowly wears out to 100 afterwards.


All armor can be cumulated up to a maximum of 200 points and slowly wears out to 100 points.

The default respawn is set to 25 seconds. The respawn time can be adjusted and set through the map.

Body Armor (Red Armor)

  • Adds 100 armor to the player.

Combat Armor (Yellow Armor)

  • Adds 50 armor to the player.

Armor Shard

  • Adds 5 armor to the player.


Battle Suit

  • Gives protection against slime, lava and weapon splash damage.


  • Lets the player fly.


  • Makes player run faster than usual.


  • Amplifies a weapon's damage/knockback by a factor of 3.


  • This will boost your current health by 5 points every second for a period of up to 30 seconds or up to 200 points whichever comes first.
  • Afterwards, any health points over 100 slowly wears out to 100.


Player can only carry one holdable item at a time.


  • Medkit that can be picked up and used later.
  • Brings the player's health back to 100 when used.

This entry only relates to Items or power-ups been used/available in defrag.