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pm me if you read this please xD
@Dec 30th, '19, 13:47 posted by  sLeinsk
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Whoever is doing vids with these kind of "elite" (snaphud users) players should not forget to include those huds over the screen to keep it real
@Dec 29th, '19, 11:08 posted by  fps*BerserK
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I like how thread by Brigand was closed by Forum admins. https://q3df.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1147

Look what beautiful things we can see when people share beauty:

inder o3j-velocity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sjZQpYlA2Q
absolutely insane...

someone recording aNnh playing online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22t24e3k23o
isn't it nice, just fun amazing to see.

We owe alot of the first clans in defrag and pioneers too many to name. They give their science and learning to the next generation. It's how we got to next generation of strafers now and snaphud kids. Science shares its contributions and is not on the shoulders of 1 or 2 people or some "defrag elite". True enough most resources are there and no one needs to be hungry for all the rank 1 demos but i find it sad how much more skilled and even more important "motivated" the average newbie will be if they had access to demos
@Dec 29th, '19, 08:01 posted by  Fckingcunts
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best times in sbro again peng
@Dec 26th, '19, 13:38 posted by  sLeinsk
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Can't edit account
Fix it
@Dec 23rd, '19, 10:31 posted by  Color^s
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I ain't sure them titties I sucked was yours btw
@Dec 20th, '19, 15:07 posted by  dirty hands
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(I like)
@Dec 17th, '19, 11:46 posted by  dirty hands
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u stupid?
@Dec 17th, '19, 08:14 posted by  dirty hands
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Love is too advanced also
@Dec 15th, '19, 22:25 posted by  legit
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can't u just feel the love on this pinboard
@Dec 13th, '19, 17:11 posted by  dirty hands
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Yep, too advanced for me aswell
@Dec 13th, '19, 03:25 posted by  legit
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Yesyes but..

dfwc when

Haha, pure gold:)

It seems the technology behind editing your own comment is still too advanced. ;)
Ehh... lets try that again.

@Dec 13th, '19, 03:24 posted by  legit
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Yesyes but..

dfwc when

It seems the technology behind editing your own comment is still too advanced. ;)
Ehh... lets try that again.

@Dec 12th, '19, 16:56 posted by  President.Camacho
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Yesyes but..

dfwc when

@Dec 12th, '19, 16:54 posted by  President.Camacho
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can't u just show me some love in pm baby (please)
@Dec 11th, '19, 00:23 posted by  dirty hands
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in case you are wondering who the heck this sl1k playermodel is, can grab it here to see me actually original hoppin around

@Dec 10th, '19, 11:06 posted by  sLeinsk
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Yesyes but..

dfwc when
@Dec 10th, '19, 03:18 posted by  legit
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Hello a1ex!
Check your P.M. Inbox in the Q3DF.ORG Forums.

Thank you for your time.
Yours truly,
Carlos Luther Marcos Casimiro Frank Freeman van Katwijk XVIII Jr.
@Dec 9th, '19, 12:40 posted by  CarIos
#15939 quote
ro a1ex
schn sie zu sehen
@Dec 8th, '19, 11:13 posted by  KannaKamui
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Gib ma Steamdaten pls.... =8)
@Dec 6th, '19, 09:18 posted by  a1ex
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hallo a1exander
du musst ihn auf discord/steam/facebook kontaktieren
@Dec 3rd, '19, 09:42 posted by  aaAaaAardappel
#15936 quote
Hunny lebst Du noch? Ich brucht mal Hilfe bei Gelegenheit :P
@Dec 2nd, '19, 17:44 posted by  a1ex
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and I worship pussy if u wanna know
@Dec 2nd, '19, 16:05 posted by  dirty hands
#15934 quote
reminder that the only german world champion was a mark ass cheat who was worshipped regardless just because he wasn't russian
@Dec 2nd, '19, 11:14 posted by  dirty hands
#15933 quote
no inder in DFWC is like no Santa in Christmas.
Ksaaaaaaaa you are so cool to dodge this years after scratching round7 in 2017 (cause you didn't want to show off).

Inder I still worship you. I love you. I acknowledge your greatness. DFWC is organization run by Russians and Russian agents (Bazz & ovcharkin have been compromised). Only DeX and shine are pure (yotoon is compromised).

Inder you are too good for them all. Let the times tables speak for themselves those no lifers are nothing compared to ur pj (no yawspeed +turn used, totally legit).

Inder I pray you will smack all the nonbelievers before u kill yourself cvar. (Love)
@Dec 2nd, '19, 06:11 posted by  Fckingcunts
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bitte schicken Sie mir dazu keine Mails mehr.

Viele Gruej3e
@Nov 23rd, '19, 14:57 posted by  wena wena
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For some reason I, the founder of the Kernschmelze clan, didn't realize our clans name or the logo could be misunderstood. Seems like there's some awkward activity by a group named 'atomwaffen division'.

For that reason we decided to rename our clan and definitely take big distances to that group. We are world open and absolute friendly players.

Thanks for your understandings.
@Nov 22nd, '19, 09:51 posted by  sLeinsk
#15930 quote
suess ^.^
@Nov 8th, '19, 08:02 posted by  aaAaaAardappel
#15929 quote
Warm kitty, Soft kitty
Little ball of fur

Sleepy kitty, Happy kitty
Purr, Purr, Purrrr
@Nov 8th, '19, 02:30 posted by  KannaKamui
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ok boomer

Zoomers out
@Nov 7th, '19, 19:05 posted by  Timothy