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Is this game worth playing?
@Sep 24th, '19, 11:40 posted by  rdk
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@Sep 21st, '19, 09:36 posted by  flo.
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Ooh, now its working great xD :D
@Sep 5th, '19, 23:48 posted by  NoFy
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Hey guys, something is wrong with the forum, cant post anything ;D gooby pls :D
@Sep 5th, '19, 23:47 posted by  NoFy
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Quake II still looks strong :)
@Sep 1st, '19, 15:16 posted by  n00k1e
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the great unwashed

who is u and why u has a picture of nebula as u
@Aug 29th, '19, 00:55 posted by  sum
#15890 quote
wtf i love wesp now
@Aug 28th, '19, 00:24 posted by  wubwub
#15889 quote
hk: w3sp did you cheat??

w3sp: ahahahahaha

w3sp: i did it the other day

w3sp: i didn't even know

w3sp: but then i saw the screenshots

w3sp: it was so funny

w3sp: i got a new pc

matthew1hk: how many times do I have to say it?

w3sp: mfw, a few lol

matthew1hk: i know

w3sp: ahahaha

w3sp has left the conversation.
@Aug 21st, '19, 01:56 posted by  Noobert
#15888 quote
Hey brother

h-hello t-ted
@Aug 20th, '19, 13:36 posted by  >>/Ahnuld
#15887 quote
Hello! Who is a good boy? Eat meals to get bigger and stronk!
@Aug 20th, '19, 12:36 posted by  ZaRR
#15886 quote
Hey brother
@Aug 16th, '19, 05:37 posted by  like@boss
#15885 quote


Yeah, I've used that tutor to learn about roq, then wrote my own, you remember. OpenArena guys also asked me for permission to put my tutor on their wiki https://openarena.fandom.com/wiki/RoQ , I also wrote there some additional lines I think.

And where the heck you left out? My kony-island-discord-account again changed (last time), I am on df discord anyway. No clones.
@Aug 13th, '19, 00:13 posted by  ZaRR
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@Aug 12th, '19, 16:23 posted by  KannaKamui
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@Aug 10th, '19, 10:31 posted by  SLK
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@Aug 10th, '19, 10:31 posted by  SLK
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@Aug 10th, '19, 03:29 posted by  <)Ghost(>
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Alexa, disconnect from WiFi.
@Aug 9th, '19, 02:24 posted by  legit
#15879 quote

simple google
Did you mean: adaptation
@Aug 8th, '19, 02:36 posted by  sum
#15878 quote
how2defrag pls help i still suck after 7 years
@Aug 7th, '19, 15:26 posted by  - Prox -
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@Aug 7th, '19, 14:33 posted by  legit
#15876 quote
Le another insensitive, hatred riddled post. What else isnt new?
@Aug 7th, '19, 02:12 posted by  sum
#15875 quote
What in the uncle nephew-son, satellite dish hooked up to the trailer, kool aid without sugar, frozen pizza dinner, five teeth missing, creek water sippin, tobacco dip packin, dumpster diving, tractor driving, catfish selling, cat piss smelling, dog food chompin, Yee Yee yelling, camel cigarette smoking, trailer trash, rebel flag bikini wearing, hillbilly skoal ring in the back pocket of your blue jean cut offs , tramp stamp having, peroxide hair, camaro with no motor on blocks in the front yard, aluminum foil in your windows, old trampoline repurposed into a chicken coop havin, dressing your kid up as a pack of Marlboros for Halloween, over-alls with the top buttons floppin' and no shirt, potato chips on your bologna sandwich eatin', Hank Williams lovin, catfish noodlin , 1st cousin marrying, grits and possum eating backseat of a 57 Ford wagon for a couch havin' is actually ging on here guys
@Aug 6th, '19, 19:50 posted by  legit
#15874 quote
Dat's DeFRaG to you, wubwub!
@Aug 5th, '19, 23:29 posted by  ZaRR
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@Aug 5th, '19, 23:02 posted by  wubwub
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@Aug 5th, '19, 22:50 posted by  >>/Ahnuld
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@Aug 4th, '19, 23:25 posted by  wubwub
#15870 quote
dumb ponyfucker
@Aug 4th, '19, 23:25 posted by  wubwub
#15869 quote
cpm prostitute

@Aug 3rd, '19, 01:58 posted by  sum
#15868 quote
cpm prostitute
@Aug 3rd, '19, 01:48 posted by  ZaRR
#15867 quote
Whoa, still some recognizable nicks in here

fyfan jvla arcaon

pizdec prox))))
@Aug 1st, '19, 20:54 posted by  ILGP