dfwc 2017

[userid=178] made a better version of our current server list.
We fixed some minor bugs, too.

Posted by  chicken
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11 Responses to "Website update"

  1. 1#  ILGP
    May 4th, '10, 00:09 QUOTE

    Awesome! Btw, my best cpm time is displayed at st1 vq3.

  2. 2#  dS-p
    May 4th, '10, 00:45 QUOTE


  3. 3#  albion
    May 4th, '10, 01:38 QUOTE

    Awesome! Btw, my best cpm time is displayed at st1 vq3.

    Seems like this bug occurs whenever I have a cpm time on a map that's currently being played on vq3 :p

  4. May 4th, '10, 01:38 QUOTE

    ...just another day in paradise

  5. May 4th, '10, 02:51 QUOTE

    id cry if i was abre to, good job

  6. May 4th, '10, 09:35 QUOTE

    Not bad. I got some thoughts on this tho:
    - The defrag version is not that important and it could be moved to the top right corner (just after the server name)
    - I don't like the new info to be aligned to the center. Can you align the titles (Physics, Current rank 1) to the left side and the info (vq3, 13.33 ([flag] name)) to the right side.
    - Also, it would be nice if you could highlight the 1st rank time somehow (make it yellow/green)

    Nice to see something happening on the website. ^2:)

  7. May 4th, '10, 10:35 QUOTE

    good suggestions yotoon. highfive.

  8. May 4th, '10, 12:28 QUOTE


  9. 9#  2laat?
    May 4th, '10, 12:43 QUOTE


  10. 10#  a1ex
    May 4th, '10, 16:05 QUOTE

    nais job tnx!!!

  11. 11#  [gt]tech
    May 4th, '10, 21:07 QUOTE


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