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Hello all, there was recently a backend bug in the q3df.org server that caused many users to lose access to their account. If this is happening to you:
1. Click 'forgot my password'
2. Enter your username (from your login bind) and it will email you a link.
3. Click the link. Once it loads, you will receive another email with your new password.

If this doesn't work or you do not have access to the email you used to register anymore DM either me (frog#1459) or cmc (cmc#9503) through discord, or email me at hadesoa@live.com with:
- your username
- the email you think is tied to your account

Reminder that DFWC round 1's demos are due in about 24 hours from the time of this post, and you will not be able to submit without access to your account.

Posted by  frog
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  1. 1#  Kwoky
    Oct 22nd, '21, 20:08 QUOTE

    This can damage first round of DFWC. I hope all players manage to send their demos in time.

  2. Oct 23rd, '21, 09:03 QUOTE

    I created this new account by now i'll, try to switch to the correct one

  3. Oct 23rd, '21, 09:09 QUOTE

    Ok done, just ignore subscription with nickname ste86horus and consider only this account

  4. Oct 23rd, '21, 09:14 QUOTE

    I deleted demo in account ste86horus and re uploaded with this account, i hope evrything will be OK, thanks

  5. 5#  frog
    Oct 23rd, '21, 14:19 QUOTE

    I'll let the dfwc team know, thanks

  6. 6#  
    Oct 23rd, '21, 23:18 QUOTE

    Frog some people not using a Discord, would be nice to be able to direct message from Forum as well for those who are shy :-) great first round btw. i expected you to take first but yotoon gave a nice surprise.

  7. Nov 16th, '21, 17:37 QUOTE

    Hi Frog and all my old friends <3
    Frog, can you please contact my here
    I lost my password and my old email adress for my defrag account:
    Thank you very much <3

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  9. Apr 14th, '23, 08:05 QUOTE



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