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Hello everyone, defrag is more alive than ever! Over the past year, many initiatives and projects have been set forward:

New discord server: https://discord.gg/ZG4dKNVQJu
Check #get-started for bundles to get started playing in minutes. These bundles include:
- all files you need to play, (engine, mod, config)
- a ready to use, but customizable config (make sure to read the README)
- optimal net settings
- all cool custom pk3s you could ever want
Ask the mods or admins for defragger role and check #servers-on-demand for a way to activate fully mdd-integrated servers in 8 different locations:
- Oregon, United States
- Sydney, Australia
- Stockholm, Sweden
- Sao Paolo, Brazil
- Singapore
- Tokyo, Japan
- London, England
- Cape Town, South Africa

New streams hosted by our beloved [gt]neiT.
- Defrag Live 24/7 Spectator Interactive Bot: https://defrag.tv/
- Defrag Legends 24/7 world record stream: http://twitch.tv/defraglegends

New open-source defrag engine actively developed by |PsY|Jel, Runaos and sl1k: https://github.com/JBustos22/oDFe/releases/tag/latest

New CZ servers, Canadian servers, French servers, Chilean server and Lithuanian servers (coming soon).

New Chinese servers. Not only can xas wreck your times online and publicly now, but the rest of the chinese defrag community (which you probably didn't know existed) has been welcomed to the main community.
Take a look at their site: https://www.bilibili.com/read/readlist/rl133663

New Quake 3 Defrag wiki page (please contribute if you can!): https://defrag.fandom.com/wiki/DeFRaG_Wiki

- DFWC2021 is officially happening! Check the discord for more details.
- q3df rework: New website with new backend to add much needed features and just generally modernize the site + an mdd records API for our community's developers
- More USA servers to come (central and lower east coast)

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12 Responses to "Defrag Is Alive! DFWC 2021, Servers, and More."

  1. 1#  Daan
    Jun 7th, '21, 17:01 QUOTE


  2. Jun 7th, '21, 20:34 QUOTE

    ou yee baby
    i got blue dot in my nickname xD

  3. Jun 8th, '21, 02:29 QUOTE


  4. Jun 8th, '21, 03:17 QUOTE



  5. 5#  HEJAZI
    Jun 8th, '21, 21:20 QUOTE

    can't wait for dfwc2021, feel good socring 50sec run, and watching woody score 12sec in the same map xD

  6. 6#  frog
    Jun 9th, '21, 13:41 QUOTE



    fixed :)

  7. Jun 10th, '21, 21:03 QUOTE

    its amazing.

  8. Aug 31st, '21, 08:58 QUOTE

    Lovely! <3

  9. Sep 18th, '21, 18:44 QUOTE

    Yes!!! Defrag will probably keep going for another 20 years easy :D

  10. Sep 20th, '21, 10:48 QUOTE

    Wow, I never saw that coming. Nice that DeFrag is still alive ;)
    Good that I never stopped playing, even after 12 years. Have phun everyone!

  11. Sep 20th, '21, 10:49 QUOTE

    Wow, I never saw that coming. Nice that DeFrag is still alive ;)
    Good that I never stopped playing, even after 12 years. Have phun everyone!

    Correction, not 12 years, 21 years :D

  12. 12#  F
    Sep 26th, '21, 10:42 QUOTE

    amazing contribution!! looking forward dfwc2021 and wiki

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