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The lead for organising the next DFWC shifted to dqopb.
Be sure to check this Thread for news about the DFWC

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  4. 4#  xlarve
    Sep 10th, '17, 08:12 QUOTE

    good news will happen here soon - you just wait!

  5. Sep 27th, '17, 23:08 QUOTE

    good news will happen here soon - you just wait!

    Cant wait anymore

  6. Oct 25th, '17, 23:13 QUOTE

    Unbelievable XD

  7. 7#  dqopb
    Oct 26th, '17, 00:05 QUOTE

    Hi everyone! So the registration for DFWC2017 is open!
    See the new dfwc website:

    Some main points to pay attention at:
    - Registration is open till the end of the 1st round - November 15th.
    - First round starts on November 1st.
    - Every round lasts for 10 days, overlapping the next round by 3 days. It is like 7 days, but you have 3 extra days just in case, in order to record the most successful demo.
    - The 1st and last rounds will last for 14 days, and they overlap more with the next/previous round. The first round is long just to make sure nobody is late for registration. The last round is long in order to let everyone plan their time before the upcoming Christmas and New Year.
    - Every round starts on Wednesday (except for the final one). Every round ends on Saturday (except for the 1st one).
    - There will be a new anticheat engine based on iodfe.
    - The point system will be same as in DFWC2014.
    - There will be 7 maps from the following mappers: imoor, NSW, kairos & zapadlo, n1k, KABCORP, noodles, zapadlo. Of which there will be 3 strafe maps (NSW, n1k, noodles). Let the strafers exult!
    - There will be a prize fund collected from donations (so far only paypal, other alternatives may be added).

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