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Both physics players

Postby dqopb » Jan 12th, '20, 2:07 pm

Some players play at a high level in both physics. Should we introduce a new rating category for that, and if so - should we give them a part of the prize fund?
The majority is for giving a small prize in this category. Almost a quarter of respondents think that just a title is required but no prize. And another quarter think that even the category isn't required. 6.2% of respondents even think that a prize as big as the main physics should be given. This is risky though. A player like XAS could get a prize in vq3, a price in cpm, and a prize for both physics. I guess giving a small prize is a reasonable "average" of the opinions.

Some free-text responses that are worth noticing:
Playing both physics competitively is very hard, otherwise more players would do it. So we should reward it and give a small prize, showing respect to this achievement. (Translated from Russian)
playing both physics should be incentivised more, but i'm not sure what the best option is. currently, playing both physics is a huge disadvantage
THAT'S A GREAT IDEA! It would be so interesting to know who gets to top positions in both physics. (Translated from Russian)
Interesting, XAS himself is against this category and prize:
NO. playing both fits casual play, but not hard play. as far as i'm playing in 2017 and 2019, playing both has HUGE negative effect on getting extreme times on either physic. you have several days less than others to make a top time, which in these years is IMPOSSIBLE. people may see my final rankings as top 3 vq3 top 5 cpm, but that's not really the matter. i put so much effort in vq3 just to crack into top 3, but if i don't work hard at all(i.e. posting my very early times), i can still get top 5 vq3. then what's the point of this 'both' category? it's easy money to get WITHOUT GRINDING, and will possibly MAKE TOP TIMES WORSE. everyone saw my vq3 weapon runs and rankings. what time do you think i could possibly get IF I DON'T HAVE TO PLAY CPM FOR FEW DAYS? what if i spent those days to grind more vq3? here i'm not pretending to be able to beat dex, i just want to ask this question: WHAT DOES THIS COMMUNITY EXPECT? extreme route and execution for each physic(by different players), or medicore runs by same player that lacks time to do better(when dex and shine go for cpm, or woody go for vq3)? i'm 100% against this category and its prize pool. IT'S NONSENSE
I still think that at least a small, symbolic prize is a good idea. We're open for comments.
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How much money do we have to give to mappers?

Postby dqopb » Jan 12th, '20, 2:41 pm

How much money do we have to give to mappers?

I like the idea of giving the mappers certain percentage of the prize pool, as opposed to a fixed amount. We should also increase the prize for mappers - because we need more mappers, better motivated mappers. And most of the players, on the other hand, play for fun/interest/title, and less for the money.

Most of the respondents agreed that the poll-winning mapper should get more than others. Perhaps, top-2 or top-3 mappers to get slightly bigger prizes than others, too.

I tried to find the average percentage among the free-text answers. Answers like "30 to 40" translated to 35, and answers like "a lot" translated to 50%. I put 50% next to answer "at least 50%, the more the better". I ignored answers like "all the money to the mappers".
I got 32,1875% as the average.
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Postby dqopb » Jan 12th, '20, 3:29 pm

Do you think the streams that took place were useful or harmful to the community and DFWC?

Surprisingly, the common opinion of the community is almost the opposite of that in 2017.

28.1% said "No harm at all, beginners could learn and that's good"
7% said "Mostly useful"
14% don't care
14% voted for allowing weak players to stream (whatever weak players means, a white list or some criterion)
9.6% voted for allowing to stream to players who score below certain rank (say, below top-30).
Overall, 72.7% of responses are for allowing streaming in one way or another, or they don't mind.

3.5% voted "mostly harmful"
3 % voted "very harmful"
4.4% voted "Ban everybody who streams! Even if it doesn't stop them"
That is, just 10.9% that are against streaming.

Some free-text answers that are worth noting:
- Players in clans share routes and have advantage. Streams make solitary players more equal to clan members.
- Streams advertise defrag and don't bring harm to the community as a whole
- Top players don't spoil their routes. And EVEN IF they do, then weak players aren't able to follow their routes even at a low timescale
- Mid-skill streams give a lot of inspiration to beginners
- Top players should not be allowed to stream (any criteria of top players?)
- Active route and demo-sharing within clans is more harmful to the integrity of the competition than streaming is
- Because it cant be controlled, it should be embraced to pump the hype. Watching a stream can help finding routes but doesnt give you Woody skills /o\
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Should we allow the basic RJ binding?

Postby dqopb » Jan 12th, '20, 3:44 pm

Should we allow the basic RJ binding? "+attack; +moveup;"

The answers distribution is very clear:
Most of the 12 free-text answers are for allowing RJ binding, or they don't care. A few more were against it. It doesn't change the picture, the overwhelming majority is against such bindings.
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Postby dqopb » Jan 12th, '20, 3:58 pm

There was a suggestion to disallow strafe huds when with sv_cheats 0. What do you think?


60% of the respondents find it strictly ridiculous.
Most of the free-text answers were against banning huds. And interesting answer:
It would be interesting to make another cup without huds, but DFWC should be with huds. All the pro players use them, and it is an intrinsic part of defrag. (Free translation from Russian)

Should we allow other new game huds? For example, Jelvan's proxymod strafe- and weapon- huds.

39.6% of the respondents voted for allowing new HUDs.
Most of the free-text answers are either for new HUDs, or they don't know about them, don't care etc. Some said that anything can be allowed as long as it is public, players are equal and everybody knows how to use the new features.
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Any other thoughts or suggestions?

Postby dqopb » Jan 12th, '20, 11:01 pm

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

I will mention some points that I found interesting, or important. Some of them have been valid since 2017, we tried to fulfil them and have succeeded to some extent. We will keep trying.

- We need variety of routes. There should always be simple routes for the beginners, while the best routes should be hard to perform.
- Mid skill streaming should be allowed.
All of the huds, which are just displaying useful information for player and helps to make better decisions and make faster runs should be allowed, as they do not interfere with gameplay directly.
Either way people will complain right? :)
- Improve the clip drawing feature to support full and weapon clips.
- Combine big parts of strafe-only with big parts of weapon runs in some maps (for diversity and better skills suitability).
Would have liked maps that incorporates strafe skills and weapon skills at the same time.
Mappers should get more money to encourage people get into mapping. There is always good players, but not always good mappers/maps in DFWC
- Introduce additional titles (like style points, fans choice, the biggest failure, etc).
We need to think of a way to come up with a separate division for lower end players. You have guys in lower top 100 that nobody even hears about <...> imagine if there was something for them to compete amongs eachother?
- Test maps more rigorously, especially in CPM. Find better testers.
Prizes should be calculated and given out per round. This would allow some more players to win a little money on maps they have scored high. Then the final winner of all rounds should get an extra amount on top of what they have won on each map, and of course they would win the DFWC title.
- If Jelhud or something similar is allowed next time, publish a tutorial or an intro video to get everybody familiar with it. // Just to clarity, Jelhud wasn't allowed this time, and it wasn't supported by the anticheat client either.
- Make DFWCs more often, perhaps with less maps :think:
- Get TuttyFrutty and Biotrix on board. Bring back n1k too.
Would be nice to have more stats for each round, like rankings for who was the fastest on each part of the map, who has the fastest speed, etc.
(Seems hard to automate properly, but it could be done by volunteers.)
Keep doing your best to alternate map types (weapon, strafe) and difficulty.
- Start gathering money in advance. (Great idea!)
- Have maps utilize more plasma, grenade, BFG, OBs.
- Update FAQ page on the website with all the minor questions that people ask. // We tried, but the practice shows that very few people even read it. Most of the players don't read it. And those who "shout" the loudest about their problems don't read the tips for sure.
- Announce DFWC well in advance to let candidate mappers know who to contact. // But we called for mappers multiple times in discord...
Attract mappers by bigger prize fund percentage dedicated to mappers. Make strict requirements for mappers to follow, with a strict check list. Get a strong CPM map tester.

- People ask for a DFWC in 2020, or at least in 2021. I'm happy to see that! So I call for maps again. Without good maps there will be no DFWC. Feel free to reach out to me in discord if you have a map project.

The survey results as a spreadsheet: link.
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