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vote for killobs

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vote for killobs

Postby ZyaX » Nov 19th, '14, 8:26 am

I know that df_ob_killobs is a fairly old command, but I didn't fully appreciated it until I realized that it prevented slope lowjumps and dud jumps. So many thanks for the #profoundvelocity server.
Though I wonder if it would be possible to get it on a fastcap server. Either through enabling it on one and leaving it off on the other server, or preferably by making it a votable command. The latter may make some unaware players confused, but then again, joining the #profoundvelocity server already does that.

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Re: vote for killobs

Postby Timothy » Nov 19th, '14, 5:16 pm

This has been asked multiple times already and it's disappointing that it hasn't been implemented yet.

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