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FastCap servers

Postby dS-kiddy » Aug 7th, '14, 4:24 pm

Don't know where mdd fastcap 1 server is? Only fastcap server now is II.

And the mdd mixed server is not right, it says CTF in the name but you are not allowed to vote gametype wich means you can't vote to play fastcap.

Just some thoughts if you can fix this <hk> would be nice! :)
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Re: FastCap servers

Postby h@des. » Aug 7th, '14, 5:36 pm

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Re: FastCap servers

Postby I finally Finished hangtime2 :D » Aug 7th, '14, 5:38 pm

I finally Finished hangtime2 :D
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Re: FastCap servers

Postby bLs » Aug 7th, '14, 5:39 pm

yeah, what he said. ^^
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Re: FastCap servers

Postby ZyaX » Aug 7th, '14, 6:09 pm

Yes, only one ctf server is fairly limited.
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