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FPS Effects

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FPS Effects

Postby Takyon » May 4th, '14, 2:36 pm

I know that com_maxfps most often is capped at 125fps in defrag, but what effects on the physics would other values have with vanila q3 physics? Would higher values result in greater ground/air acceleration? Would some framerates make the client run faster/slower? Longer/shorter airtime per jump? Different OB heights? Etc. Etc.

Won't need this info for defrag in particular atm so don't worry about breaking the ruleset(if capped 125fps is a part of it). Will need it for possible exploitation in a speedrun for another id tech 3 game.
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Re: FPS Effects

Postby petersmith98 » Dec 24th, '20, 3:15 am

125fps is its limit. but maybe more when you have a graphics card strong enough to carry it.
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Re: FPS Effects

Postby Le another black niger » Dec 25th, '20, 7:59 pm

It affects falling at least, due to varying velocity snapping rate.
125 was choosen from set of fpses, giving max jump height.
There was article about investigation of fps->physics effects in id software.
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Re: FPS Effects

Postby -O-Zeppelin » Jan 4th, '21, 5:00 pm

This video explains it pretty well
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