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appeal to the best players

Are you really the best?

Re: appeal to the best players

Postby XPC32 » Mar 4th, '19, 3:58 pm

breadsticks wrote:.

You can actually save more time by ob-ing into a wall bug on the pg wall to make it across... No need to waste time getting the pg with this route.
bewarned ! i am a noob !
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Re: appeal to the best players

Postby sjuk » Mar 6th, '19, 8:20 pm

I wanted to say that it is so extremely incompatible when originally egyptian-theme :royalty-pharaoh: nicknamed player decides to play slick maps only :sad-fever:
I already asked another ancient name carrier h@des (Nihilanth's step-brother :orcs-cheers:) to suggest main cpm slicker of df new nickname ChillyWilly

aNnh as a nickname would fit more to a player who grinds only such maps as palmslane, vivid, i-strangeland.
And i'd like to take a look at that in-water acceling hud :animals-fishblue:

And xas,
Why haven't you tried to play online on korean servers when they were maintained? :character-yoshi:
After playing a lot on kozomёt's blue tile surface maps you will not remain the same person #:&
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Re: appeal to the best players

Postby lith » Mar 6th, '19, 9:20 pm

Egyptian themed? He told me it was just meant to be annihilation but he spelt it wrong.
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