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DFWC 2017 Announcement

DFWC 2017 Announcement

Postby dqopb » May 3rd, '17, 8:47 pm

Hi everyone!

Some news about DFWC 2017.
Briefly: we plan to conduct a DFWC this year, starting in September.
More details below.

The former DFWC admin hk cannot spend enough time to defrag due to personal reasons. Early in 2016 he entrusted DFWC 2016 arrangement to his fellow Aurum. He has got enough maps for the competition. But 2016 has passed, and there were no news from him. Although he appears on servers from time to time, he doesn’t reply to emails, and there are no other ways to contact him.

We really tried contacting him multiple times, we offered help and asked about the status – it lead to nothing. He didn’t mention any dates, neither he said if he needed any help. Basically most of attempts to reach him lead to silent ignoring. We’ve got tired waiting, and since there were no other organizers – we want to take over the initiative. We asked hk and he didn’t mind about it. Besides, Kabcorp reached out to us and offered his map that he had previously given to Aurum.

So far the implied list of organizers is the following:
  • xajA
  • Michael
  • dqopb
  • zapadlo
In addition to that, we have other decent mappers, map testers and demo validators.
So far we’ve got 5 maps.

We plan to start dfwc in September, because summer is coming – exams and vacations time. And if somebody want to train his best defrag shape – there’s still time to train.

We still need around 3-5 maps.
If you’re a mapper and you have a good map – feel free to submit it, we will accept it if it is good enough.
If you’re a mapper and you want to make a map for dfwc – you still have the time. Just let us know about your plans, so that we would know and be able to track progress.
If you wish to offer other help, or if you have questions – please just comment below.
Also we are usually available on DeFRaG server in discord:

We will be glad to see you all among participants in September, and good luck training everyone! ;)
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Re: DFWC 2017 Announcement

Postby PopeJo » May 3rd, '17, 9:38 pm

Good stuff!
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Re: DFWC 2017 Announcement

Postby esc?nebuLa » May 3rd, '17, 9:45 pm

Fantastic news! Looking forward to it. :dance: :mrgreen: 8-)
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Re: DFWC 2017 Announcement

Postby dqopb » May 4th, '17, 8:35 pm

An update: Aurum has reached me and is going to share the maps he has got. He said he doesn't have the time to organize dfwc, and he hasn't got enough maps. But maps he has got, plus those we have got – should be enough. Also xlarve offered his map, and we may expect a couple more maps from other mappers.

Long story short, we may have more than enough maps already. If we get too many maps, we will make sort of casting. Would be nice to know the players opinions, how many maps should be there in dfwc?

Will update later about the number of the maps. No hurry though - there's still time to filter and order the maps in a list.
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Re: DFWC 2017 Announcement

Postby legit » Jun 5th, '17, 7:22 pm

Good job guys.. we need n1k and springy aswell to map :idea:
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