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Re: Seriously,

Postby skyhighguy » Apr 7th, '16, 3:49 am

legit wrote:
skyhighguy wrote:"I'll wait for months even though i set them in some hours/days. :roll:"

After practicing basically the same thing elsewhere for hours/days/years. Congratz, you are being the typical 'badass heroic nerd' that you so dearly claim not to be.

Don't challenge anyone? "You and inder ain't anything special. You're very welcome to use all these huds on complex strafemaps on vq3. I guess this is why you don't play it - because no HUD on earth can help you here. prediction/intuition/general experience can't be replaced by any external help."

Seems not true.

Plus i never said i could beat anyones cpm times, but you said you could beat my vq3 times. Hello. :-)

I have already taken a few and will continue to take them, I'm saving some of the best ones for later... even though I'm already working on them. [=

And well yeah you can't beat anything cpm... You won't have anything cpm as far as i'm concerned.

Run forest, run!

I don't want to insult you, but you're definetely not in the position to call me a nerd. A pale face with glasses (yep, the typical internet-rambo) declares df as a part of his life. God please. I'm sorry for that, but you actually started. :-)

Stop with ur fake shit, "i dont wanna but i'm gonna anyways" Appreciate the racist comments. Just because you wanna be a nigger doesn't mean everyone else does. And lol you are a nerd, you are still posting and arguing with some nerd on a forum. Btw please learn to spell definitely correct.
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Re: Seriously,

Postby AECTRONER » Apr 7th, '16, 6:04 am

Seriously guys, why do you keep arguing and blaming each other?..

PS: hui Tim

PPS: nina won

PPPS: raving hyesos

PPPPS: our magnificent and gorgeous community with the passage of time becomes less and less as the numerical activity of players. And this attitude (or rather, even this 'evil tendency' in relation to each other) explains the withdrawal of some players from online irl.
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Re: Seriously,

Postby skyhighguy » Apr 7th, '16, 6:09 am

its fun tho, she continues so do i its like a loop lmao
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Re: Seriously,

Postby snaaaaaaaaake » Apr 7th, '16, 8:39 am

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Re: Seriously,

Postby DF/// ifoo » Apr 7th, '16, 7:23 pm

thx for the entertainment tho
DF/// ifoo
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Re: Seriously,

Postby skyhighguy » Apr 7th, '16, 8:10 pm

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Re: Seriously,

Postby PsY|??? » Apr 12th, '16, 6:09 pm

wtf is going on in here?!
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Postby qordis » Jul 28th, '16, 3:44 pm

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His dick throb's and his semen spray's onto the ceiling inside the van.
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