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NEW Player Saying "Hi" & "o7"

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NEW Player Saying "Hi" & "o7"

Postby Solarsoul » Sep 13th, '15, 7:52 pm


Like the title states I'm new here.
And I am also new to Q3 / DeFrag altogheter.
So far I have read little bits of the forum.
And done some digging on DeFrag.

One thing I think this community could improve upon would be to open an specific threat for people to say hi and introduce themselves a little. That way you can like clearly see who is new and perhaps steer them into the right direction

I personally am struggling with some things and just seriously don't know where to find them. Google doesn't even seem to know (i'm joking.. sure goog does know, I just cant type the right stuff) yes yes, I know right.

So far I am just giving Tr1ckhouse beta 3 a go until I get the basics down.
That might take a little bit.

The problem I am walking into has to do with the CGaz Hud.
I seem to not be able to get it to go into the green.
But it keeps into the yellow all the time.

Beside this the feel of the game is different every time i start up.
I am using the CPM settings, but still i can clearly feel changes.
Also I am experiencing major differences in achieved strafe jumping.

What do I need to do concerning "*.cfg" files..
I have been looking for one that does show all the HUD's need.
Like height, speed forward/backward, speed upward/downward.
And of course the best settings for tricking.

I might sound like a newbie for asking this.. but guess what.. I am.

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Re: NEW Player Saying "Hi" & "o7"

Postby -av1spa- » Sep 13th, '15, 11:20 pm

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Re: NEW Player Saying "Hi" & "o7"

Postby Solarsoul » Sep 14th, '15, 4:46 pm

inder wrote:you might be lacking understanding, on how cgaz hud works

I know the problem, in some guides they not specifically tell you to keep holding forward.
Found one that actually did say this.
I have been bhopping without holding forward so far.
Forward defiantly helps.. lol!

inder wrote:game shouldn't change at all, maybe you're unconsistent

I am indeed being inconsistent, I guess only practice can solve this.

inder wrote:

can create pretty neat cfgs there, has lots of settings

Thank you Sir!
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Re: NEW Player Saying "Hi" & "o7"

Postby Fred » May 19th, '23, 7:11 pm

Very useful resource. I am studying in college. In my free time I'm into online games, in turn recommend the site . This document outlines the game's basic structure, including its gameplay and narrative line. Depending on the complexity of the game, creating this document can take 1 to 3 weeks.
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