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Improving access to defrag

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Improving access to defrag

Postby uglyBunny » Nov 17th, '19, 4:25 pm

Hey guys, it's your boy uglyBunny.
The limited access to quake3defrag impeded my transition to this game. Combining the struggles of actually getting a working Q3 installation and clients/huds with my lazyness and convenience, my transition was delayed by almost 2 years.
My question and recommendation: why are we not posting the content of #info of the discord channel on "wiki" header? Is it because it contains a Q3 download link? #info is the best thing there is to get into defrag. When browsing "wiki" on there is almost no useful info. It starts with a groundboost explanation and continues with useless info in the FAQ section.
You always have to think from the perspective of a new player. Of course, #info contains all the info you need. But how do you know that it is there? At least we now have a link to the discord on q3df. this is all I would've needed.
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