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Installing Defrag - A how to.

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Installing Defrag - A how to.

Postby benje » Dec 16th, '16, 1:47 pm

The information around here on what files and commands to use is a bit of all over the place, so I thought I'd post this as a combined how to:

1. You'll need to have installed Quake3. You can use your steam/gog installation or a clean install from your Q3 disc (using a q3 disc might require q3pointrelease_132 patch if not using dfengine). But I prefer to make my own installation using the pak0.pk3 and an installer (see end for more info on where to find the .pk3 and/or the freeware version)

2. You then need to grab two files:
(the latest as of today is: "")

(the latest as of today is: windows - "" or for linux - "dfengine_1.08_lin_i386.tar.gz")

3. Extract and install the file (dfengine.exe) and folder (/defrag) into your quake III arena directory, right next to the baseq3 folder.

4. Commands - console commands galore. Load up dfengine, and get these entered into the console (hit tilde key):

cl_allowdownload 0
cl_mapautodownload 1
dl_source ""
com_hunkMegs 256
cl_nodelta 1 (used to get rid of "Delta ParseEntitiesNum too old" error message)
in_mouse 3 (gives raw mouse input that dfengine provides)

5. Don't use the ingame serverlist. Just copy the ip from and type in console: /connect x.x.x.x:xxxxx


Finding your pak0.pk3 &/or freeware information: + installtion options

You can find the pak0.pk3 file in your steam directory "\Steam\steamapps\common\quake 3 arena\baseq3\" or on your QuakeIII disc in the "\quake3\baseq3\" folder. If you don't own QuakeIII, you can use an alternative pak0.pk3 file ... n/pak0.pk3 - this is taken from the Q3min project, and is a stripped down freeware version, that has some rather.. bland weapons and sounds.

To install Q3 with ioquake3, go to and use the "engine download" followed by the "data installer .." - this includes the q3pointrelease.

Another way to install Quake3 is to follow a previous post on how to install defrag, which suggests using PROinstaller2: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=107 - but I personally have never done this.
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Re: Installing Defrag - A how to.

Postby qordis » Dec 17th, '16, 12:14 pm

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