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Dedicated Server Maplists?

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Dedicated Server Maplists?

Postby Bree » Nov 13th, '19, 4:21 pm

Hello, I have played Q3A off and on for about 20 years (almost solely CTF) and I just discovered Defrag a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe I never tried this up until now. Needless to say, that is all I have been doing lately and I am a complete NOOB at this.

My question pertains to how a client would know what maps are available on server that they are playing. I was used to typing "\maplist" on an OSP server and the console would show me a list of maps that were available for voting. Or "\callvote map" would do the same thing if you left the mapname out.

I can't figure out how to get a list of maps to vote on and searched all over this site to see if there were any custom commands that I am unaware of. Is this even an option? If so, I set up a dedicated server of my own that I would like clients to be able to get a maplist if they want to change levels. Right now it seems you either have to know what maps are available ahead of time or just enter a common mapname and hope it is loaded on the server.

Also I noticed there is a command "set df_vote_allow_nextmap" which I have set to "0" because it appears to screw up players in the middle of their runs if you have multiple people in the server. The console displays a message about "server doesn't allow interference" or something like that (not sure exact wording) so I was wondering if this command exists, is there a way to use it so players can change maps if they want to?

Thanks for any help.
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