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DFWC2019_1 map dont start

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DFWC2019_1 map dont start

Postby Lambaro » Nov 2nd, '19, 10:48 pm

i have a probelm starting map saying bsp version should be 46 not 47 the other probelm is (hunc_alloc not found) i have no idea waht it means... i have only problem starting this map and dfwc2017_6 have the same problem any other maps i can start with no problem,.. any ideas or help from anyone thank you ? :)

I am very new to defrag and q3 engine so i dont know what some problems means thank you
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Re: DFWC2019_1 map dont start

Postby esc?nebuLa » Nov 2nd, '19, 11:59 pm

Are you using

You must use dfwc2019 custom engine for defrag world cup 2019 maps starting from 1 and up. It is found here:
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