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Frag trigger help needed.

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Frag trigger help needed.

Postby xR-necRo » Feb 14th, '17, 3:59 pm

Alright so obviously I have a start and stop trigger, now i cant figure out a couple things.

1.How to set a Frag limit of 2 for stop trigger. (note mistes-rsl when they join its a server frag limit 1 in console, I need something like this)

2.How to make 2 different triggers both give just 1 frag so then they could go on to the end and hit the stop timer.
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Re: Frag trigger help needed.

Postby Le another black niger » Feb 14th, '17, 7:11 pm

or in short
trigger_multiple with wait -1 -> target_score
trigger_multiple -> target_fragsfilter -> target_stoptimer
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