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Speed/Distance for CJ/Pads computation

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Speed/Distance for CJ/Pads computation

Postby Finalspace » Aug 26th, '20, 10:08 am

Hi there,

i want to optimize strafes in a map i am working on right now and i am looking for the math how to compute the distance units for/from each strafe/pad.

What i know is that 256 units equals 320 ups (jumping on without any strafe-key).

Now for example i want the the distance units for a 540 ups circle jump.
From experimentation i know that 384 units equals roughly 540 ups, but i have no base for that.
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Re: Speed/Distance for CJ/Pads computation

Postby Le another black niger » Aug 30th, '20, 4:44 pm

There is no such formula, considering snapping and that starting jumps style may vary (e.g. starting pads may be simple with certain style, which makes latter jumps impossible).
Accelerating skills with more velocity vary also.
Normally you are just able to strafe and pick up the spacing for wished difficulty from existing maps.
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