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Deleting whole account if someone cheat

This stays here as long as it takes to work out the new server rules

Should admins delete whole cheater account?

Go for it!
Definitly not
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Deleting whole account if someone cheat

Postby ounn » Dec 17th, '09, 1:40 pm

If admins catch someone who is not complying the rules should they delete his all times?

Atm no1 realy care about rules, if he got cought he may lost 1 demo... but if he can lost all maybe then they will care about rules we set here...

egz, wheeljumping, rj scripting etc.
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Re: Deleting whole account if someone cheat

Postby Arcaon » Dec 17th, '09, 11:01 pm

You mean like, exactly like it is right now?
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Re: Deleting whole account if someone cheat

Postby eS-Rody » Dec 18th, '09, 5:21 am

i think it should depend on what kind of cheat it is

if a knocking-down cheat like bots and scripts for and action ofc it should be deleted
if ones like simplebinds it shouldnt be
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Re: Deleting whole account if someone cheat

Postby ZyaX » Dec 20th, '09, 1:58 pm

I think it is the right action to take. Otherwise you just put a huge workload on the admins if they're just gonna delete the times that are cheated.

But perhaps one-time warning and deletion of the demo that the player got caught with, and if the player in question repeats cheating after that the whole account should be deleted. This warning however, I guess the only place it can be sent is to the player's email which is tied to the account. But how often do people check that email? Especially if it's one of their register-at-random-crap emails?(no offence)

And on the other hand, if you are not even bothered with checking the site and being aware of the rules having been updated and that there was a forum debate going on for over a month, it serves them right I guess.
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