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OK: Interference

This stays here as long as it takes to work out the new server rules

Should this helper be free to use?

This is not cheat
This is cheat
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Re: OK: Interference

Postby <hk> » Apr 20th, '11, 10:15 pm

This is why I don't like interference:

Everyone with a time less than 20 seconds is pathetic looser.
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Re: OK: Interference

Postby TittenIgnition » Apr 20th, '11, 11:47 pm

the only problem i see with interference is that its too random. if youre using someone elses run to speed yours up (they take a detour to open a door, then you run straight through), thats unfair, because it wont happen every time. its a lack of consistency; its too random, which means its also lucky. getting a good run takes luck, but this is an unfair kind of luck, because not everyone can get lucky like this.

i cant wait for 1.92 to get finished, because it will stop people from using others to help them run faster.

on the other hand, holding doors (fastcaps etc.) open with an extra client isnt really fair, but its better than running behind someone when they open the door, because its more consistent, and takes no luck at all, so you can concentrate on a single path, all the time.
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Re: OK: Interference

Postby -MdC-uZuskaya » Jul 18th, '11, 9:27 am

+1 with HK here, if Defrag try to avoid this, why trying to turn it legit?
Whatever the interference abuse, helping yourself with another client or sticking to another player is not Defrag, it's just plain lame. What is the goal here? Proud to be part of the "lamer top", to be known as a douche?
I played pdm02_t4m8uryn0 a few monthes ago and for more than 1hr, a player who was connected with me, only played while i was playing, waiting for me to open the doors... not even the tiniest try to make the run by himself. Can you think of something more lame?
So, to stay in the topic, I don't think it's a cheat but it's definitely lame and should be noted as such (another column in the db to have a "lamer rank" maybe?)
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