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Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

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Do you use cgaz hud or included accel meter in defrag mode?

Yes, but i can play without it.
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Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

Postby BerserK » Sep 19th, '10, 11:12 pm

Please, just answer truly if you are using it or no.

I was just terrified how many good players are playing with it. Never thought that people on those you were looking as really skilled players, are only a "figment" of cgaz hud or something like that. I'm thinking about idea to disable this feature. To mark it as "cheat". I know that most of you will disagree. But why ? You can't strafe without it? No. Of course that you are doing now fast times which are recorded in table and then you are flexing with them. But that's not your potential. It could be you potential if you were learning how to strafe with cgaz and then turn it off. What is for skill to just copy angle what the acceleration meter / cgaz is graphically showing to you? It's the same as a script which i could write and use. [ example: I'm the excellent piano player till the keys are getting green when they have to be pressed. ] I just want to point that thing like that can't go together with "Are you really the best?" . I know that defrag is just a game, but in each map is somebody at first place. So let them to really deserve it. Go ahead, wanna see yours opinion.

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Re: Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

Postby Anyone_Under_This_Rank_Is_n00b » Sep 20th, '10, 1:52 am

All oldschoolers got pretty much the same skills without gaz hud, while most newschoolers probably dont.
I think it became more common to use after I decided myself to use it back in 2006/2007.
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Re: Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

Postby Phoenix » Sep 20th, '10, 2:38 am

I've been playing q3 since 2002. Defrag since at least 2003 but maybe late 2002. I don't even know how to use the cgaz accel meter. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

Postby khtti » Sep 20th, '10, 5:32 am

I use it, except when I don't. Varcycle ftw!

Its use has similar implications to every other DF visual aid, in that the resulting tricks aren't any more or less possible with it than without.
It absolutely has the potential to increase a players performance beyond what is "natural" for them, and I suppose if you're opposed to that sort of thing you can always jump around in OSP, or use cg_draw2d 0 while pretending everyone does the same.
It is only a cheat if it isn't available to everyone equally, and as there is (allegedly) a standalone dll version, that is what will occur if you ban the included-in-df version.

Defrag has always included helpers, and there has always been controversy over their use.
In some sense, this discussion has already taken place multiple times.
OB detector?
Anyone remember?
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Re: Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

Postby BerserK » Sep 20th, '10, 7:49 am

You can't compare the most basic script for defragers/trickers [ ob detector ] with cgaz, accel meter.

{ Okay it's a helper, but: 1) it just makes the finding of obs easier. There is no advantage over the others. 2) You can create obs, random obs with plasma, rocket, BFG [ somebody mark this one as random too, it's controversial ] 3) see if you have random ob.. mostly prohibited in competitions anyways. OB detector represents just informations about OB or possible OBs, doesn't show you to move exactly under this angle, everything gonna be excellent. }
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Re: Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

Postby khtti » Sep 20th, '10, 8:51 am

I can, evidenced by my having done so.

The intended use of a feature - in both cases a visual indicator - is relevant.
The fact that one feature displays a simple letter, and the other a complex organization of colored zones, is not.

I'll even say this: the overbounce detector is far greater an advantage than the cgaz hud.
Were two players placed in an every-df-map-ever competition with player1 limited to using the strafe hud, and player2 limited to using the OB detector, I'd bet on player2 winning the majority.
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Re: Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

Postby <hk> » Sep 20th, '10, 4:33 pm

It's just reliable to a certain point. When you want to strafe beyond that it's not that much of aid.
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Re: Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

Postby Arcaon » Sep 20th, '10, 6:01 pm

1. Cgaz hud only shows where you gain accel and not. Often, aiming away from the lines can be the fastest.
2. I don't think that knowing in your mind what area your mouse is inside should be one of the main objectives of the game.
3. Feel free to break any of my strafe records with Cgaz hud to prove your "you-just-have-to-copy-the-cgaz-angles-to-get-a-good-time" hypothesis.
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Re: Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

Postby AL!EN » Sep 20th, '10, 6:59 pm

4.CGaz HUD only works at 50% in promode physic, and it even produce bad angles for maximum speed in some situations. Everyone who know anything about those two thing will confirm this. This means that when it comes to promode, CGaz HUD will not only give you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING :!: in some situations but also you can be fooled by it. How about that ?
5.CGaz HUD won't improve you reaction time/keypress.
6.There are players that absolutely cannot play with it and if you enable it for them, they cannot do good strafes.

The fact that CGaz HUD don't work correct in promode and it can even make you run worse make this case close before it even start.

P.S.It;s like telling that enemy colors in Quake give some kind of advantage after you discover that QW/Q2 players don't have it and they still was able to get 50% RG using ball mouse.
"strafe is the most important 'weapon' in defrag" - <hk>
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Re: Cgaz hud ( accel meter )

Postby BerserK » Sep 20th, '10, 7:21 pm

Khetti, that's pretty bullshit. I played without ob detector about 1-2 years. Then pjr told me how to turn it on. And guess what? I found all obs made by mapper. Other type of obs are inappreciable. Anyway you can't compare letters and graphic zone where to aim.

Arcaon why should I? I'm satisfied from my times done without it. You know that i will probably not, or it will take me some time to beat. Also I wouldn't enjoy the game, because i couldn't be proud on it. I'm fine with the way how I'm playing now and can say that when i have my day, i can beat some of your times without cgaz. I have better idea so far. What about to be honest and play without it when you are saying it doesn't help at all.

Despite of result of our words, i know that at 90% will nothing happen with it, cause users will always defend it and maybe after forbidding that lot of people could leave playing, what isn't our desire of community. Wanna point at fact, that if somebody should deserved respect from his runs/times/records in defrag, only him knows if he really do. There are lot of players, whose can't stop nothing to be in the top times.

I always was and will be against any better "help" tools in defrag. [ understand better = other than basic hud, ob detector ]

Alien so why many strafers play only with it, and wont turn it off ? Maybe it couldn't be 100%, all you need is the deflection. What has key pressing with this ? Or are you fan of Frank's quote how to be better ?: Press jump faster :D. And to last thing(6): And you came to this world on your feet? Here comes my last question on you then: So why are you so hotly defending something, that isn't helping you at all to get better strafes/times ? So where is problem to disallow it? ( don't think about problems to realize it ) hm?
"Everyone cares about allowed scripts and huds, lol, care about skills." © P.J.RiPPeR
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