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Defrag fiction

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Defrag fiction

Postby Xonot » Jan 22nd, '16, 7:22 am

You log in. Today you feel like loading up ancient maps like coldrun and then fail to get momentum to hit the first platform. Meanwhile, your server friends are cruising through the whole thing and even did that one bit without plasma while you are sitting there trying to strafe past the first gate as if you were 11 years old.

Whatever, must be a bad start but the rest of the day can't be like this right?

The server loads up more classics like cpm8. You manage to not fail the first jump to the staircase but then you stop because you didn't notice the window behind you. You reset. You now fail to get to the stairs. Reset. You now get to the stairs and then turn to go to the window except you failed to swing far enough so you fall down. Reset. You now make it as far as the last room but then you fumble and hit the wall. Reset. Now you failed the first jump again. Reset. You got to the finish line but you accidentally hit reset. Reset. Reset. Reset. Reset.

After what feels like failing this simple map forever, you throw your CRT monitor (you have not been at the gym lately so this takes a lot of rage) and injure your girlfriend who then leaves you because you play too much defrag. As you try to run after her to say sorry, she grabs a hammer and breaks everything in your home. You are standing in the middle of this mess and then you realize that your relationship is over. You angrily punch a hole in the wall before breathing a deep sigh.

You decide to go to the bar where there are only old men with grey beards. You take enough drinks to pass out. You wake up feeling awful and on the floor. You somehow manage to walk back home and only throw up once. You decide that enough is enough. You attach an old 4:3 display to your computer. You pause for a moment before you uninstall Quake III.


The next day, you're playing coldrun again and finally managed to finish it on server record.
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